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Author: Grim man Submitted: 30th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 92

Edited By Grim man on 10/30/2003

Midnight, the hour of the dead. Now they arise from the world beyond to haunt and bring fear. The tormented souls arise! Souls are trying to leave the world of the dead, trying hopefully to get back to life, and this is something the eternal invisible forces of cosmos cannot accept. To make sure they stay where they belong, the forces have called upon the only one who can handle this job. And so, in this scary darkness, appearing from a smoky cloud, comes the ultimate dead - Death himself...

A new nightshift is about to start, the hourglass filled. The harvest will begin... An endless chase after those umbra's, desperately trying to break out of their destinies... oh, how he lows them... but truly enjoys running his scythe through their ectoplasm shapes. Only thing he lows more, hates more, are those damn bats always flying around bothering him!
But it is time now.. time for yet another trip to a graveyard...

In R.I.P you play the man himself, the grim reaper, trying to keep up with his nightshift job - chasing and making sure souls stay in the world of the dead! A truly fun and adictive coffeebreak game! Halloween all the year...

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Posted by Blackgaze 30th October, 2003

screenie no work
Posted by Grim man 30th October, 2003

Should be up now folks, working download..
Posted by istvan 31st October, 2003

im downloading it out of interest
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 31st October, 2003

man this looks good :D
Posted by Klikmaster 31st October, 2003

Nice gfx, for the title screen anyway... The game wasn't that good tho, and it's very short
Posted by Danny Boy 31st October, 2003

Can you include knps.dll and knpg.dll.
Posted by istvan 31st October, 2003

the only way i could play it was by opening it in TGF?? also i detect some knp lib gfx? the title was good, but is let down by the rest of the game.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 1st November, 2003

ehh, could use a lot ofwork, the collisions are very poor, and the exe doesn't run!
Posted by Grim man 1st November, 2003

Yes, there are a few bugs here.. we'll hope to improve them in our next version. My problem is that mr.Falk has left the country so I need a new programmer. Anyone interested in helping out btw? Credited of course...




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