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Battleground 2
Author: tung shen Submitted: 6th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 149

Edited By tung shen on 11/10/2003

Edited By tung shen on 11/10/2003

This copy of Battleground 2 is a compendium consisting of BG2 Urban Edition and BG2 Nature Edition. BG2 is a fast-paced top-view multiplayer game where four unique characters repeatedly kill each other in complex and bizzarre ways while steering clear from trigger-happy cops and psychotic animals. Grab a tank, run over your enemy, blast them to pieces with a jeep's mounted turret and much, much more! Everybody dies; it just depends on HOW.

Main character models ripped from Urban Assault: Mindless Carnage

uh, you'de better have a REALLY good rig for this game, I'm talking like 1.4 gigahertz and above

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Posted by Therapist16 6th November, 2003

that blanks me out.. but could you post some pics maybe? annd...10 megs???
Posted by Paul_James 6th November, 2003

1. the art is ripped 2. its a huge download 3. i dont have 1.4 gigahertz
Posted by tung shen 7th November, 2003

Btw, in case anyone hasnt figured it out, all buildings are fully navigatable(is that a real word??). Just walk into the roof of the building and it will turn transparent, allowing you to walk inside it without interference. Anyway, please give this game a benefit of a doubt. It's depth and detail isnt immediately obvious. Does anyone know where i can post screenshots for free where the server allows me to directly link files? that would solve the screenshot problem. ps. this is the first game ive posted!! Have mercy! :)
Posted by tung shen 7th November, 2003

1.4 gigahertz isnt completely necessary!! thats only if the game is to be played with complete smoothness. even a 800 megahertz will do, albeit jerkily
Posted by -_darkman_- 7th November, 2003

a klik game should only need a very basic pc
Posted by tung shen 7th November, 2003

btw as mentioned earlier this is my first posted game so pls give feedback
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 7th November, 2003

The link doesn't work on my computer.
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 7th November, 2003

Nevermind about the above. The HUGE file size (What the hell is in there?) gives me time to see that this seems pretty good.
Posted by Deathbringer 8th November, 2003

If youre hosting a file that big on tripod, its probably already been deleted. If you want to host a file that big 'for real', you'll need to get on a paid server
Posted by tung shen 8th November, 2003

oh damn. Suggestions for good paid sites, anyone?
Posted by tung shen 8th November, 2003

no wait. its still there
Posted by Simen 9th November, 2003

Well, it's good for a "first game i've posted"-game. Er... or is it? I'm making a game(my first) and it's not very good, so i don't think i should say anything like "oh this game is so crap." cos it isn't. (?)
Posted by tung shen 9th November, 2003

server is now totally reliable! download it!!
Posted by Yikes 18th November, 2003

Tripod is good. I use it. It can be a little bad sometimes, but at least I don't have to PAY! I hate to pay. Don't have money for that x) I think tripod is ok. :D
Posted by Yikes 18th November, 2003

Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 7th April, 2004

if this is battleground 2 then where is battleground 1




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