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Alien Impialer
Author: Jason Kreiger Submitted: 12th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 114

Edited By TomH on 11/14/2003

This game is pretty much the only game i have finished so far, even though i'm working on quite a few. The concept is simple: Kill the aliens. You control a turret at the bottom of the screen. Click the Left mouse button to shoot bullets and the Right to shoot bombs. To replentish your ammunition you must shoot the aliens head when they are blown up so that your people can harvest the teeth. If you are still confused click the question mark on the menu. Please feel free to give me your comments and suggestions.

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 (4.14mb )

Posted by Hayo 13th November, 2003

Holy shit! Good job! how did you do those gfx?
Posted by Chrisbo 13th November, 2003

looks like bloodlust graphics!
Posted by NUB 13th November, 2003

Good game.
Posted by Cazra 13th November, 2003

creative layout of screenshots
Posted by BattleCat 13th November, 2003

Gfx = extremely nice Gameplay = :-/ I think it's a bit weird..and that instant bullets would suit this game nicer...and apart from that i think it's too hard/fast, or something...dunno....still pretty darn well made though
Posted by CYS 13th November, 2003

agree...looks completely like bloodlust's. Awesome!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 13th November, 2003

Please tell me you didn't make the graphics by hand. You used a program, right?
Posted by The Gonz 14th November, 2003

Not too bad. Not much variation, but good for a few plays anyway.
Posted by Wormware 15th November, 2003

Damn what a NICE! gfx! A new century in the click world has been opened with these super graphics!
Posted by CYS 15th November, 2003

Gameplay aren't good, but not bad.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 15th November, 2003

graphically the game is KOOL.but the game play is worse .. firstly enemies move very fast so we can't target them so it is not fun we just keep firing and some how we destroy it :P .. and some bullets or missiles must be fired from that gun type thingy .. :)
Posted by Galaxy613 22nd November, 2003

where can i get "Blood Lust"?




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