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Tarder Sauce Notepad v. 1.01
Author: Capn Mud Guru Submitted: 15th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 157

A semi-nifty notepad. Slightly improved user-friendlyness than the Windows Notepad. Some features don't work, such as copy&paste, so you'll have to use some keyboard shortcuts or right click. This is a beta, so I would like to get some comments on it.

So in other words, this is a plain old Notepad with a facelift.

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Posted by Yuhkaz 15th November, 2003

Okay, run through. a) I installed it. Why? You shouldn't have an install for a tiny program that is a notepad. Nuh. I would have been happier with a normal exe file (MMF) or an exe and gam (TGF). b) I clicked the buttons (copy cut paste). Why dont they work?? Cut did.. okay cut worked. Please check those out because they didnt work for me. c) BG color and font. While this is all good, its not going to format it, i would have taken out bg color seeing as it wont load the bg color u had when u saved the file. but font is good, they can customize what they want. big text. small text. etc. d) its pretty good all together, but if it worked a bit better and didnt have to install i'd probably have kept this. nice job tho :)
Posted by Capn Mud Guru 16th November, 2003

thanks. I realized the copy and paste things didn't work. It will be smaller later, I kept the .cca/.gam so people could look at the code and fix it or tell me how to fix it. but when it's done, the cca/gam will be removed, reducing hte file size. The BG/Font may be removed as well. I don't know why the copy/paste doesn't work, so you have to use keyboard shortcuts/right click, select. I know, its a pain but that's how it will have to be for now. Thanks fer yer comments though.





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