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Author: Dark One Submitted: 21st December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 71

Edited By DamonV (DOE) on 12/22/2003

Spiders v1.0

Dark One Rating : C(Below Average)
Reason : Non-custom movement
Graphics are best as possible
The Spiders are stupid
Corners don't match right and look funny

Ok there you go, you got my rating. This game was started 2-3 weeks as a christmas gift to my brother, Colton, it will get better, I hope you guys can find the bugs(not the spiders) in the games, dc mail me, comment, or email me at the bugs, I'll fix them and the create the v1.x patch, then put a comment with the link to dl and change the dl link.

Now for the story :

The year is 2050, humans have powerful laser weapons and crappy nucular missiles. Genetics is one of the biggest and one of the most profitable work around. This may be good, but it can be bad, for example, what happen just recently. Somewhere is Canada a scientist constructed 9 new breeds of spiders, each deadlier than the last. The problem is they became mad, started breeding and growing, and killed everyone in the installation other than you. With your pistol and a system that will upgrade your weapon and allow you to buy more, you take a stand and wait for the last 2 hours till evact.

Note : Story is a lot better ingame this is just a summary.

There is not read-me so here is the controls.

Intro :

Up=Scroll text up
Down=Scroll text down
Esc=Skip/Continue when finished

Title Screen

Click on buttons=Doing what the button says, the bottom one is just a prank to use the first slot

Create new/Load Screen

Click on buttons=Choosing that slot


Control Click=Shoots single shot weapons(Pistol, Mine Layer, Diskthrower, Shock Cannon, Psionic Disruptor, Nucular Missile Launcher)
Control Hold=Shoots rapid fire weapons(Laser Chaingun, Static Rifle)
Clicking image=Purchases or upgrade the weapon you clicked on
2=Laser Chaingun
3=Mine Layer
5=Static Rifle
6=Shock Cannon
7=Psionic Disruptor
8=Nucular Missile Launcher

Game Over

Wait for tgf music to finish(18 secs or so)


Wait 1 minute and it'll be done(if you play the full 2 hrs 1 min won't matter to celebrate)

Ok now, the game lasts 2 hours, that's how long the game is, I don't know if you will finish it but you can if you want I'm not forcing you, usually every new wave it will show another spider type, the last comes at Wave 10. You goal is to kick spider ass.
You also get 8 weapons to use, each sometimes better than the other.
Also my major projects are far better than this game. (Such as Vexindrelle(Isometric RTS-Commercial demo sometime next year, probably around summer) or Empirium-Space Conquest(Kinda RTS you just control an entire space empire over the space of a galaxy)


P.S. Zip includes the ss's because of problems with exe.

Review This Download (5mb )
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Posted by Dark One 21st December, 2003

Sorry for having geocities, but they were the only server that didn't either: ban me for just uploading a file, or only allowed a max upload of 1 mb(damn brinkster and I thought they were the best errr) The screenshots are there you just gotta click on them. Incase that don't work the links are : The first game I finished so, I hope you guys enjoy it, and I know no one will play the full 2 hrs, the game also gets hectic after 200-300 seconds(longest I played) and when you save to continue later baddies don't save yet, I couldn't get it to work right. I'll have to figure it out though or I won't be able to finish Vexindrelle :P
Posted by Keatonian 22nd December, 2003

This is real fun. It seriously needs AI though. Actually, after a while I stopped noticing. Maybe it doesn't. Are nukes supposed to leave little radiated spots? The end of the animation stays. I have some great strategys to share. First go right and up to the very top-right. Then there should be this design: |------/---| | @ | |--##-/- --| | | |-- --| & | | \----/ #=Main Gate @=Fall back to gate &=Home Fortress Then buy better pistol. Hold them off at the main gate as best you can. Then buy the Laser Chaingun/Static Rifle. Next buy the Psyonic Disrupter, best actual gun. Next buy the nuker; its overpowered. Use the nuke to block the door to the hall in ----front of the main gate. Boom, you don't need to do anything but stand within distance to be able to see their deaths; there is a glitch; they only die if you are looking. PS: It wasn't creepy enough. You need to make it so you can't see them if you wouldn't be able to. Make it so the area becomes covered in a red glow if its infested because you can hear. Make a radar maybe.
Posted by Keatonian 22nd December, 2003

Oooops, that text art looks horrible. Ignore the periods. |-------/---| |......@....| |--##-/--..-| ......|.....| |--..-|..&..| |.....\-----/ |...........| #-Main Gate @-Fall back o gate &-Home fort
Posted by Keatonian 22nd December, 2003

What do you have to do to get good text art around here? Here is a photoshop version of the text art map:
Posted by Dark One 22nd December, 2003

Keatonian : I'm glad you liked it, your comments alone were worth the 4 hours of struggling to get it on the net, and the 2 weeks it took to make it(first game I finished). Yes, it does need a better AI. The spiders are kind of stupid and it's too easy. The nukes shouldn't leave the spots, I just figured out what was wrong(looping ending animation). About the spiders not dieing, I'll fix that too. I'm fixing those things in v1.1(it'll be up on 26th and I'll just add a link where you can download it as a patch).I noticed that the day after I uploaded the game :S. Some changes and bug fixes(no pun intended). Did you notice any other bugs?
Posted by AfterStar 23rd December, 2003

Please could you add the object extensions dlls,cox ect.? dmc2.cox is missing! Not everyone is a kliker or has all the extensions!(I am one but i don't have that extension installed on MMF 1.2)
Posted by Dark One 23rd December, 2003

That's odd, you shouldn't need that extension, since I didn't send the source for dl, just the exe. But here's the link for the download, I'll include the extension in v1.1 patch then.
Posted by AfterStar 23rd December, 2003

I added the dmc2.cox extension to the EXTENSIONS folder and spider's installed folder BUT STILL i can't play it! It says:"Cannot Load dmc2.cox.This object may need an external program or library not yet installed!" I don't know what's the problem...its ODD :o
Posted by Dark One 23rd December, 2003

That is strange, it might be because you have MMF 1.2, have you had this problem before in any other games? When I deleted dmc2.cox I could still play it, so it may be your MMF 1.2.
Posted by Dark One 29th December, 2003

Having some problems fixing up some of the bugs in Spiders. I'll comment when it's up(but the link will also be above the screenshots.)
Posted by Dark One 5th January, 2004

I hate to brag but this is better than your game Alex, mine is longer and has a better user interface. Your games are half-ass, atleast I put effort into mine.




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