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Stick Fiqure Deathmatch
Author: Lucas Submitted: 23rd December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 228

Edited By Lucas on 12/24/2003

Hi! This is my first game ive posted on the daily click.
I have been working with TGF for a few years now.
This game was sugested for me to make by another person and is made from scratch (custom movement, etc) It was a quick one, and more of just a experimentation of A.I. and custom movement.

It came out fairly good I think I may update it too if I get some good ideas or sugestions from you.
Very little re-play value though. I made the A.I. customizable though, instead of just making multiple bad guys.


Movement: Left and right arrow keys
Jumping: Up arrow key
Punch: V
Block: B
Kick N



Comments and Sugesstions greatly apreachiated.

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Posted by Simen 25th December, 2003

Please! No more installers!! Just put the game in a zip file!! Jeez! But the game wasn't bad.
Posted by ckslabs 26th December, 2003

Can you send me the code for the movement in an e-mail attachment? My e-mail address is I have been experimenting with different types of custom movement, the most successful ones utilize the Fastloop extension from Cellosoft. Do you use extensions?
Posted by ckslabs 26th December, 2003

By the way, who actually goes to the Daily Click on Christmas, like Simen did? Oh well.
Posted by Lucas 27th December, 2003

I use extensions... but none needed for the custom movement on this game. It just has a simple counter for the "pixles moved every .X seconds" which increases and decreases acordinly. Not anything which really requires you to download the code to understand.
Posted by 3rd February, 2004

lokkin good .................. yeh ill give it a try but all you losers keep on making it imposible to download!!!!
Posted by 3rd February, 2004

that is the crapies game i have ever played i played for 30 secs and screwed it!!!
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 28th March, 2004

The name (SFD) reminds me of the stick figure death theatre (SFDT). just go to . By the way, i couldnt download this fer some reason
Posted by izac 13th January, 2005

Thus Game Has No Sound For Starters.And It Is Rubish Game Play!.





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