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Dark Underground DEMO
Author: MMFX Submitted: 27th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 42

Dark Underground is adventure game. And your name is Howard. Weapons are pistol and machinegun, in full version you can also receive dynamites. More info and screenshots you can find in address:

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Posted by Yuhkaz 28th December, 2003

OMG! You could at least tell us the game is in a different language. Not everyone can understand that. I'm not going to bother trying to play any further I cant understand whats going on.
Posted by laguna 28th December, 2003

that was awful
Posted by Evil Monkey 28th December, 2003

Maybe he really doesn't know English, and when he typed his message in, it translated into English, I don't know. :P
Posted by Yuhkaz 29th December, 2003

:P lol VoodooYoshi
Posted by Nuutti 29th December, 2003

When i mailed about that to MMFX, he said: "EI OO MUN ONGELMA!" what means "THATīS NOT MY PROBLEM!"
Posted by Nuutti 29th December, 2003

i just think that he knows English, but he created the game first in Finnish, and he is too lazy to translate it
Posted by Simen 29th December, 2003

My name isn't Howard! What's that all about?
Posted by MMFX 29th December, 2003

MMFX-Team: Yes i can speak english, and if i have to i translate that game, because you donīt understand finnish. Iīknow that game not my best, but you donīt to bark me.
Posted by X Member-453 29th December, 2003

ummmm, this is an english site pretty much, post crud like dat and BAm booo la ganda bANDAAAHH!
Posted by laguna 29th December, 2003

It took a TEAM to make this game? Thats finland for you.
Posted by Nuutti 2nd January, 2004

ummmm, maybe it didnt, but hes just a member of that team
Posted by J.o.m.p.p.a. 4th January, 2004

I'm from Finland too and I think that game SUCKS! Eli toi sun pelis on surkeeeee!
Posted by J.o.m.p.p.a. 5th January, 2004





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