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Point And Click Adventure Engine (Full Version)
Author: Nick Smith Submitted: 25th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 960

Edited By Nick Smith on 1/27/2004

A fully working "engine" for making traditional point & click adventures in TGF. This comes in the form of a complete playable short adventure (I've included an exe and dll in the installer!) but the .gam file is unlocked and painfully stuffed with coments explaining everything, plus I've included some html help files to explain important stuff.

The engine includes:
Menu system
Global inventory
Save/load system
3 control systems:
- The levels are split between modern Broken Sword style controls and old school SCUMM style ones
Custom "pathfinding" movement
Puzzle examples

The game itself includes:
10 locations to visit
2 graphic puzzles
About 25 inventory objects to play with
Non-linear gameplay
Original graphics
Virtually non-existant storyline!

This is the unlocked version of the other game I previously uploaded incase anyone hadn't guessed(!), with a few little bugs also ironed out. Please read the 'viewme' file before playing around with it in TGF!
Enjoy, and a big thanks to HAZARD for originally hosting the file.

EDIT: Updated main zip file to include global array object.

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Posted by BattleCat 27th January, 2004

whoa !! I definately need to check this out asap (i'm in school right now). It looks ultra sweet !
Posted by Simen 27th January, 2004

Yummy! This looks really snacksy!
Posted by Nick Smith 27th January, 2004

Please note that the "Global Array" extension object required is a specific one (there are a few objects available called "global array"). The one you need has 300 values, 100 strings and save/load actions, not unlimited values and no save/load! I've just had a look and the version at clickteam has unlimted values + save/load. Will test if this works. If not, I'll try to add the original extension file I used to the zip.
Posted by Nick Smith 27th January, 2004

In the meantime, you can download the correct garray.gox object from
Posted by eX Com 27th January, 2004

finally :)
Posted by Nick Smith 27th January, 2004

Updated download file to include the global array object
Posted by Lew 29th January, 2004

Very very good. I can't believe anyone thumbed it down!
Posted by Acutus Caminus 29th January, 2004

evil computer! It keeps on asking for browser2.cox whenever I try to open it up in mmf, but I got browser object 2 in my folder. Would it be that it is named "browser"? Because I tried changing the name. I would appreciate any help on this subject.
Posted by Mr Icekirby 30th January, 2004

moron... yes you need the right NAME not the right thing inside... you know windows: search found 0 matches would you like to see them?
Posted by Acutus Caminus 30th January, 2004

dude, what are you talking about? I tried it as the original and I tried it by the name of browser2.cox. Try putting your words into english for me please.
Posted by Lew 31st January, 2004

browser.cox is browser 1 as far as I'm aware. You need browser 2.
Posted by Lew 1st February, 2004

Hmmm...I can't find the right global array for MMF. Got it?
Posted by 醤油の兵士 1st February, 2004

i just used the unlimited+save/load, but you can't see the events with a garray in the condition except in the event list editor.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 1st February, 2004

oh, and you should've used the vitalize object, not browser 2.
Posted by Nick Smith 2nd February, 2004

Just to add that PACAE was made in TGF, not MMF as I don't own a copy of MMF. Therefore, I have no idea to what extent any of it could run in MMF. Maybe someone would like to try to convert it. As for all the objects... I originally started making this thing literally ages ago (read: on and off for a few years!). When I started, the unlimited global array object didnt exist as far as I can remember (or possibly there was one but with no save/load facility(?)) so the one I used was my only option. There doesn't appear to be an easy way to convert from using the old one to using the new one in TGF unless someone knows better. And browser 2 seems to work perfectly fine.
Posted by rolbolx harazonii 12th July, 2004

its cool
Posted by Joshua M. 28th August, 2004

Whoa, this is great! Never saw a better engine before! It's so good, my TGF crashes! XD
Posted by nk 17th September, 2004

ist das wirklich so gut? naja.... mal gucken
Posted by Joshua M. 10th August, 2005

Ja, es ist so gut :p
Posted by Leon101 19th May, 2006

Download link is broken.
Posted by MEHRDAD 12th January, 2015

Link is broken.Anyone have mirror?





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