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Space Junkie
Author: Crazy Diamond Submitted: 28th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 92

Edited By Crazy Diamond on 1/28/2004

Edited By Crazy Diamond on 1/28/2004

2 Things:

1. Yes i am new.
2. As for screen shots,

Hi. This place was highly recommended to me by a good friend (Jaytitan), i wanted a place where i could get S.J reviewed.
Space Junkie is my first full expedition into the relms of TGF, my other attempts are strewn around my computer.It is a VERY simple (under 25 events per level, but dont let that put you off) arcade game using the VERY simple Space Invaders format. I'll be blunt, the graphics are bad and its hardly original. But it is quite hard. So please try it, for a challenge more than anything else!

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Posted by Dr. James MD 28th January, 2004

This a really simple but fun game. perfect arcade formula! plays similar to Galaga.
Posted by Zane 28th January, 2004

i played it (couldent post on kf about it). its simple yet fun, i like it.
Posted by Yuhkaz 28th January, 2004

Yeah I downloaded it man its cool except sometimes it makes an illegal op X( simple but fun gameplay. MUST DOWNLOAD EVERYONE!! go R+
Posted by Crazy Diamond 29th January, 2004

Yes. Unfortunatly FreeWebs server is crap. But its the best iv got for the time being. :-<
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th January, 2004

didnt cause me an error.
Posted by Crazy Diamond 31st January, 2004

The illegal operation.....i have no idea. As Jay said, it didnt happen to him, nor to me while testing. Its got me stumped....
Posted by alibaba 31st January, 2004

hehe is that the microsoft word paper clip on the screen shot???!! heheh perfect think ill pass




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