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Spiral Richochet Demo
Author: Justin Submitted: 29th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 59

Kind of a combination of pinball, pong, and breakout but you control the ball. This is just a one level demo.

The controls are just Left and Right. Beat the level by getting the score it tells you to get.

I really have no idea how many levels it will have when it's done or anything. I plan on having bosses of some sort though and other types of objects obviously.

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Posted by vortex2 30th January, 2004

Intresting, I will give you points on orginality as I havent seen this done before. Sometimes the screen scrolling so much can be annoying, but other then that, nice work :D. Oh, and perhaps a bit more friendly UI like opening up with a nice title screen, and then a menu, perhaps a highscore screen, and a nice help file with some kind of reason why you area grey thing bouncing around on blue things, hitting red things, and pushing yellow things? ;) Graphics look nice btw ;)
Posted by Justin 30th January, 2004

Well this is just a really early demo. Once it's actually done I'll have a title screen and menu and stuff. There's also going to be coins in the levels to collect and then you can use the coins you collected to buy power-ups to use in the next level like the bumper paddle things get bigger or you can slow your decent with a parachute or something like that.
Posted by Wormware 31st January, 2004

nice start of a game! I hope you'll do something with it!
Posted by Justin 31st January, 2004

You have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete Repeatedly. And the ball will magically be out of the hole.
Posted by Justin 31st January, 2004

Posted by Cazra 1st February, 2004

cool game. It'd be good to have the controls included in the game though.
Posted by Justin 1st February, 2004

I have 3 ups and 3 downs. But the only people who commented said good things. So if you're giving it thumbs down what the hell is wrong with it?
Posted by Justin 2nd February, 2004

No. It should bounce out of the hole very easily. Just by pressing left or right at the start it should bounce back and forth like crazy and eventually get out of the hole. Is it barely bouncing off the spring or something? I know if you click and hold the top of the game window for a little bit when you let go the ball won't bounce high. It just keeps making little bounces. Dunno how to fix that. . .
Posted by Phlibbit 12th February, 2004

Wow, this was pretty neat! There's a lot going on in the game; it makes it nice and spontaneous. Better than other, random Pong clones...





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