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Lode Runter 2
Author: Christophe Submitted: 11th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 388

Remake of Lode Runner
The goal of this game is to catch all objects of the level without you to make capture by the enemies.
When your mission is accomplished, a ladder will appear for access to the next level.
LODE RUNTER 2 proposes a Level editor.

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Posted by AsparagusTrevor 11th February, 2004

This is pretty cool and addictive. The characters are well drawn and animated, and it's all a lot of fun.
Posted by Kramy 11th February, 2004

Help, it changed my resolution and I can't get to the desktop! :D Wondering about the super-long reg code too. Graphics are nice though.
Posted by Broomie 11th February, 2004

Sierra may sue you... :O but if Tierra could get away with it then I guess you can aswell.
Posted by Mr Icekirby 11th February, 2004

what exactly is the code for??? game is new, concept is old... lode runner is/was a great game though!
Posted by danjo 11th February, 2004

this game is old, and has been around for years. still good though. i wondering why it took so long to submit it?
Posted by Muggus 11th February, 2004

I remember this game! I really liked it. Good combination of puzzle and skill.
Posted by simon schweizer 12th February, 2004

i love this game und your remake is great!
Posted by Airflow 12th February, 2004

Graphics are excellent. This used to be one of my favourites. -Still is. .^_^.
Posted by danjo 12th February, 2004

"this game has a horrible movement, i can't stand playing it for more than 2 minutes " - says someone who made evildead 1,2,3,4 XD
Posted by Batchman 12th February, 2004

is there a daniel around there ? (an very old one)
Posted by haloboycs 12th February, 2004

i cant seem to get installer to pass 13% (at pac5.lbe for life)
Posted by Astral_86 13th February, 2004

This is a well made and great "graphicsed" game. But Lode Runner is not my favourite type of game. I got bored. XD But I cannot imagine how GREAT games you're able to do! Please make more this one was impressing! :D
Posted by Batchman 13th February, 2004

like danjo said , this game is very old (i hadn't web) and it caused a big mess on his release , since then i hadn't seen more game from Christophe search the web and you will get a suprise :)
Posted by Batchman 13th February, 2004

eeeeer , i forgot the galious series and that the gift is no longer available
Posted by Chris 14th February, 2004

Really Awsome man I salute you! This is the best Click game I have DLed in a long time





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