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Myster Muszel
Author: BUZIOL Submitted: 6th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 332

Edited By Clubsoft on 2/21/2008

Edited By BUZIOL on 3/6/2004

This is the first part of wonderful platform game which has gained a big fame among polish players. And now it's waiting for you . Just try and enjoy.

- 2 game modes (normal, war mode)
- 3 worlds
- 34 levels in normal game mode
- nice graphics and music
- nice game creator when I find some more time, i'll translate secound part of game. To next time

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Posted by Penguin Seph 6th March, 2004

First comment! WHOO! Downlaoding now
Posted by Astral_86 6th March, 2004

Whooey! Looks sweeter than ever! Downloading...
Posted by Damianoz 6th March, 2004

Great game of the best games creator from Poland! :D Good job! :)
Posted by steve 6th March, 2004

*Excellent presentation *Nice graphics *Appealing sounds and music *Easy to play - very bad platform engine (default?) Platform games need good basic engines, as soon as I tried to jump over a platform (and my character got stuck on the side of it) I knew it must be the default engine (but I carried on playing anyway) There were problems with falling through scenery too and getting stuck underneath platforms. I feel alot of effort has been put into this game, particulary the presentation and menus etc which is commendable but it needs a better game system. This does have alot of original character and feel to it though, so its worth checking out. I liked the quirky game over screen :P
Posted by BUZIOL 6th March, 2004

yep, you're right - i use simple platform engine. Why? Ohhh, this is the one of my first projects(about end of 2001), than be indulgent. Now, i can make very advanced platform algoritms (including :accelerating, 2xjump, catch celling, catch walls etc). You will change opinion when you'll see my newest project :). Ill try to add it, in this or next week. ...grr, i must learn a little bit more english :)
Posted by BUZIOL 6th March, 2004

ps.: Im Buziol, not Buzial :D
Posted by istvan 6th March, 2004

Your english is better than a lot of english people, dont worry about that! I kindof thought a more cheery approuch to the colours would of enhanced the game. I mean its a standard collect-the-gems game, but it kind of looks like it takes itself too seriously with the dark graphics. It was fun though, and its obvious a fair bit of time and effort went into it's creation.
Posted by ripthor 7th March, 2004

Where did you get those graphics?? Don't tell me you made all that by yourself?! If, so, you're pretty damn talented!
Posted by cake 7th March, 2004

the graphics are really fantastic. I LOVE the style of them, they remind me sooooo much of the creative colour usage in DOS games, most of all Tyrian. You've won me over just with the graphics mate ;), oh but wait, the game itself is pretty bloody fun too! :D
Posted by cake 7th March, 2004

im sorry for the double post, but GREY as the highlights for the RED gems! its really well done, looks like youve stuck just with the TGF/MMF pallette but it just sooo doesn't look like a klik game. It reminds me so much of Tyrian, i can't get over it! ^_^
Posted by Cazra 7th March, 2004

pretty good. The graphics look like they're not original though.
Posted by Cazra 7th March, 2004

reviewed! ;)
Posted by BUZIOL 7th March, 2004

Yep, this is my artwork, but i don't remember accurately :) which graphics, or small parts I rip from games. But don't be soo confused ;), i learning painting about 8 years. First proffesional graphics work i start on amiga1200 computer, in Deluxe paint, and Personal Paint 7.1 from cloanto - someone hear about that stuff? You'll see more my art's when i translate some more my games, but now i don't have enought time to do this. Sorry, you must be patient for a while, becouse now i've driver course and job(work), than you see now, I don't have time enough to do this. :( game i will create in english first :)... To, next time all ;)
Posted by BUZIOL 7th March, 2004

bug's, bug's, bug's ... jaahh :) BTW. you can see my graphics, on , but site is in polish language.. ..see soon boss ;)
Posted by Hauptmann_086 10th September, 2004

Poland... Wladyslaw Spilzman?
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 15th October, 2004

Looks great! 8)
Posted by Devernath 11th February, 2005

nice backgrounds from actraiser





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