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Kiddy Soft
Author: tayab Submitted: 13th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 119

(i) Watch and Listen >>> Watch and Listen attentively kiddy soft reading the Alphabet A TO Z with Animation.

(ii) Click and Listen >>> Bring your pointer on any Alphabet and watch it Highlighted,Click on it and Listen kiddy soft spelling it for you .

(iii) Listen and Click >>> Listen carefully to the Alphabet spelled by Kiddy Soft,then Click on it.KIDDY SOFT will not proceed forward untill you click the right one

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Posted by Willy C 14th March, 2004

what is this? alphabet learning program for 3 year olds.
Posted by Death Reaper X 14th March, 2004

I wouldn't use this myself XD But nice nonetheless!
Posted by tayab 14th March, 2004

It is intended for kids,to get them familiar with Alphabet.Thank you for your comments.
Posted by Nick of All Trades 14th March, 2004

What happened with and ?
Posted by tayab 14th March, 2004

Can anyone send me a *.wav file for correction of the above mentioned and any other Alphabet that does not sound good English
Posted by istvan 15th March, 2004

Eww, the first time I read 'Kiddy Soft' I immediately thought of Michael Jackson....
Posted by Teapot 15th March, 2004

lol 2 istvan
Posted by vortex2 15th March, 2004

It is hard to tell which letters the people are saying which makes the listen and click game pretty hard lol . "Was that V or B or C" Its hard to tell! Also if this is designed for little kids, why do you use windows buttons. I think you should use BIG colorful buttons. also the help file isnt very kid friendly, it should explain how to use the program through animation, mabey a funny little character on the bottom of the screen saying the words. Mabey you could give each of the letters a face? I dunno, but you dont want to make the kids BORED. Perhaps a nice little mini game here or there like all of your edutainment software. If you want a good example of a click edutainment game, simply look at that hamster (mabey it was hedgehog) game on the KNP cd thing, where you were given a math problem and you clicked the err animals to solve it and they had a pure sound when you clicked em (Like a furby lol :P) I dunno there are alot of things you could also do, for example you could have a memmory game, or a pacman game or something while you teach em. mabey PacMan eats letters instead of cherries and when he gets a letter it appears on the screen and is said.... Also like I said about the sounds, get someone else to make em if you have to, but they should be said funnier, mabey in funny voices if you got to, something to make em laugh, its toooo strict, no kid would like to use this game as is!
Posted by steve 15th March, 2004

file size = 666kb creepy!
Posted by Justin 15th March, 2004

I thought it was about softening kiddies up with lotion and then raping them. You got me excited for nothing.
Posted by steve 16th March, 2004

uhhh i really think you should say "i was only joking" just incase people take that comment seriously justin... not a funny joke either :\
Posted by tayab 16th March, 2004

I would like to thank all of you and very much VORTEX for his excellent idea and proposition .I will try my best in future version.The alphabet pronouncation is not by me but taken from a sound library which i bought,Can any one guide me to have a better copy of sound files.
Posted by Justin 16th March, 2004

what do you mean joking?
Posted by BullDozer 19th March, 2004

You should get banned for s%t like that, justin!
Posted by Elvn 20th March, 2004

*shudders*... Sounds malevolent...




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