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Turbo Guns! (screenshots)
Author: Mark Jensen Submitted: 22nd March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 96

Edited By Mark Jensen on 3/25/2004

Edited By Mark Jensen on 3/23/2004

Edited By Mark Jensen on 3/23/2004

New Turbo Guns

A description of the game is that you shoot as many ufos to get max point, my max score 2662, what is yours????
Unlimited Shoots ...

Hit space to next level (max 5 levels and finally score)
(Level 3-5 two guns) faster shooting
What is your top score?

New size : 2.23 MB
Improved Engine
Improved Mp3 player

I have used some gfx from other games,
I must do all grapics on new a soon I got some pictures. Real gun (black)

Borrowed picture


Borrowed sounds,I want my ovn voices and music


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Posted by Jetstar 22nd March, 2004

Why should we download it you did'nt give any description of the game what so ever -10/10
Posted by Zane 23rd March, 2004

ill describe it. its kind of like clay pidgion shooting, only with ufos instead of cley pidgions. its actually a pritty fun game, though not exactly ground breaking. that 3d gun is excelent, and fcits in really well. did you model it yourself
Posted by Zane 23rd March, 2004

just had a look at the demo version, and have a question. How is that the full version has a smaller file size than the demo? oh yes, may i suggest a proper desctiption saying what the game is about, and also actuall in game screenshots, and not just the menus, that way many more people will download your games.





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