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FAST Objects without skipping pixils TUTORIAL
Author: Adam Bell Submitted: 26th May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 220

This is a tutorial on making objects move in pixils for speed but yet when they hit an obstacle they will stop immidiatly and not go through it at all! So basically... You have the RED BLOCK, and you want him to move down 5 pixels always to make it look like its going fast... But when it hits the obstacle it will go through 5 pixels or something like that right? Well no in this tutorial! This is a ziped CCA file (CLICK AND CREATE) and you need Marcello's Fast Loop for this! But yes... You could even move at the speed of 1000 pixels at a time and still stop at the obstacles at the bottom of the screen! I hope this helps some of you klikers out there!

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Posted by ben_02 27th May, 2002

By the way, this only works for one object at a time. It would be good if you could somehow get it to do many objects at a time :(.
Posted by Yai7 27th May, 2002

Oh. Yea. Sounds good, But a simple solution is to paste lines of: Every 1 millisecond - set Y/X postion to object's(X/Y) + 1 If you have many of these you get them to move faster. Also. if you dont want him to overlapping other objects put this code in every line of the position definition: Object is overlapping with object/backdrop, and then make it negate I could not explain that well, But pixel pimps had this system on a racing game. Too bad it was so disgusting so it could not let you notice about this car system. I think I should try and make a racing game. But I have to do other games instead.
Posted by Canaryman 27th May, 2002

this is a technique similar to one i use alot to make things like sniper rifles and railguns and other instant-hit weapons. And yes, it's only for 1 object at a time, however, you can use multiple fast-loops for different object types. However, angles are rather iffy using this method, and the more you move each pixel in a jump, the more acurate the path, however it does mean that thinner walls may be missed.
Posted by Joshtek 27th May, 2002

If it is for walls then why cant you use the 'get colour from position' thing to figuire stuff out or something..that is a MMF 1.5 feature BTW
Posted by Canaryman 27th May, 2002

get colour from position? that doesn't sound very functional.
Posted by Adam Bell 27th May, 2002

Hmmm, what exactly do you mean it doesnt work for more then 1 object? I placed one of the same object near the other one (RED BLOCK) and then made t go down 50 pixels at a time and it worked fine!
Posted by MasterM 27th May, 2002

It doesn't work. I think I do anything wrong. A insert a number and press enter. nothing happens. WHY? "put a number in the edit box!!! DO IT!!!" Please don't scream in your next tut. and force people to do something ;-)
Posted by Adam Bell 27th May, 2002

did I say push enter in the tutorial??? I meant Control if I did!
Posted by Spug 28th May, 2002






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