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Chaos: DevilTouch Christmas Demo
Author: Patriarch Submitted: 11th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 224

Here's the old christmas demo of Chaos: DevilTouch.

Basically, this is a one level beta/engine test. It has two enemies, a boss, two attacks, and 1 summon. Oh yeah, and for those of you who didn't read my preview: this game is going to be a platformer meets RPG. So be on the watch for it.

NOTE: Keep in mind this is a couple months old and a new one will be submitted soon, this is just here to whet your appetite.

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Posted by Muggus 12th April, 2004

Nice. I might just download this cause it's looks cool and is pretty small.
Posted by Muggus 12th April, 2004

It's pretty good apart from a few little bugs. Firstly, you can walk off the edge of the screen on left side of the screen...and you can also fall of the bottom of the screen and not die. Also, that wierd looking bat thing at the beginning's view preference is infront of the play, you may want to fix that. Besides that...looks promising.
Posted by hey hey shoe 12th April, 2004

Really cool, just get a more speedy and action-filled christmas midi, would fit better...
Posted by X_Sheep 12th April, 2004

Erm... I think the snow moves kinda weird :P
Posted by Patriarch 12th April, 2004

C'mon people, thumbs up rating! :D
Posted by X_Sheep 13th April, 2004

You got mine ;)
Posted by X_Sheep 13th April, 2004

Oh and by the way could you use different summon combinations? Typing words isn't a good idea. Just use combinations made up of movements.
Posted by Patriarch 13th April, 2004

That would be odd. Imagine, fighting a boss, and dodging, and suddenyl stopping to summon a bouncer accidentally.
Posted by Willy C 20th April, 2004

nice game. I found some cheats, guess its no prob that I mention them cos they where so easy to find out and this is just a demo. Q - invincible O - warp to boss. haha! nice game, like the consept of waping and stuff in a platformer





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