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Dread 2004
Author: Steve Evans Submitted: 21st April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 81

This game has already been tipped to become a classic. I have uploaded a VERY short demo of it, and sorry if the menus and stuff look a bit rushed, I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. Dread is basically a top-down DooM clone, much like Mark Pay's Tremor games, play the part of a soldier marooned on an alien planet fighting Demons and trying to escape. This is great, I spent a long time doing the graphics so enjoy!!

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 23rd April, 2004

Nice, well drawn anyway. I think you move quite a bit too slowly, especially considering you're going to have to be dodging those fast-moving fireballs... Good work on the counters, though <-)
Posted by hey hey shoe 23rd April, 2004

You could need some walking animations etc. but it was well drawn, movement needs improvement too :)
Posted by Paul_James 23rd April, 2004

i played this game a while ago. the graphics are decent - u should make some animations though. the best type of movement for a top down shooter is a racing car movement, and plus the character's movement is a lil slow. if u keep the movement the way it is - atleast add some strafing and fix either the speed of the fireballs or the character
Posted by Muggus 23rd April, 2004

Looks alright...i'll give it a try! :)
Posted by Muggus 23rd April, 2004

I like the concept. The graphics are nice, but there are a few things that really need some attention paid to. As has been said, the movement should be changed to something like race-car, but I also think you might want to bring the mouse into it somewhere for mouse aiming. The player also needs to be able to move faster and you may want to check the hotspot and action spots on the characters. The Ai also needs some work. There's many ways you could go about it, but you should have the them track the player down and move around more freely. Besides that, it's good. :)
Posted by Kingson 24th April, 2004

I played this game 2 years ago and its still the same. Will it be ever finished?
Posted by thewreck 24th April, 2004

contrary to what people say, i find this movement alot better than racecar, all you gotta do it add a mouse and make him look towards it, and you will have the perfect movement.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 24th April, 2004

its ok, GFX are highly inspired by mark pay's game. But its default movement, its not very good actually.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 24th April, 2004

its ok, GFX are highly inspired by mark pay's game. But its default movement, its not very good actually.
Posted by Steve Evans 25th April, 2004

Yeh i did post this game about three years ago. I've just started getting into click again, was just testing the ground. Working on some much better stuff now haha!
Posted by alec nicolson 26th April, 2004

Wooooo! Nice to see dread back again. Crate pushing = Amazing Game . Me and steve formally of OmmO Software are gonna get a site up soon with some new games!!! :D




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