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O'Sulligaming LiquidWord 2004
Author: OSulligaming Submitted: 26th April, 2004 Favourites:0
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Edited By OSulligaming on 6/24/2004

.:: Please Note - We are currently developing LiquidWord:2005: Visit for a preview ::.


O'Sulligaming LiquidWord 2004 is O'Sulligaming's first public software release for 2004 and it comes in the form of a Word Processor which is also capable of handling graphics, HTML and XML.


A 32 Bit Word Processor with various supported file formats
Create letters, resumes, Reports and more using supplied templates
Start, edit and work with HTML documents using the HTML plugin
Preview your websites in the Preview pane or your favourite browser
Format your text with colours, fonts, styles and enter Autotext
Work online with workmates and share files using Workspace*
Get help from the Liquid Assistant using our search technology
Get free automatic updates to the latest version
Register your software free for exclusive content

* - Workspace feature currently unavailable. This will be ready for use in Service Pack 1


+ Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, ME, XP Home and Professional, Windows Server 2003
+ Intel Pentium 233Mhz or equivalent processor
+ 12 Megabytes RAM
+ 5 Megabytes hard disk space


+ Application able to resize to fit the entire screen (sorry but this doesn't happen as of the minute)
+ Completely redesigned MDI interface for multiple document editing
+ Activation of the Workspace feature
+ More templates and features

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Posted by Pete Nattress 26th April, 2004

you could have linked to the right page on your site o_O updated it. this is basically just the RTF object with some autotext options. i don't think it's anything special. maybe you were aiming for the iPublish vain with this but it's nowhere near. also you should make it able to maximize to fill the whole screen. just seems amatuer if you can't.
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th April, 2004

scratch that last one, didn't read all the description. "Windows Server 2003" -- how many people here are running this on their PCs do you think? :P
Posted by OSulligaming 26th April, 2004

Agreed :D - Anyway it cant maximize as of yet. Only becuase of a code error right near the end which crashed the app over and over. Don't fret though, Im correcting this issue very soon :)
Posted by Galaxy613 26th April, 2004

this might just be me but I never use ez-insert-html and it just seems a waste of time.. and when is LiquidOS going to be done? DO NOT TELL ME that you quit on it!
Posted by OSulligaming 27th April, 2004

LiquidOS hasn't been cancelled dont worry. Nice to know its rememvered :)
Posted by Pete Nattress 27th April, 2004

an actual os? coded in what?
Posted by Alexander Lindström 27th April, 2004

When is "Service Pack 1" coming?
Posted by Galaxy613 27th April, 2004

Pete it's just a app that goes over Windows, from what I heard awhile ago it's going to gr8t!
Posted by Metalfusion 28th April, 2004

Posted by OSulligaming 28th April, 2004

Hey cool thanks :) Ill give an update soon
Posted by Tom Turton 4th May, 2004

Booooo :P
Posted by OSulligaming 5th May, 2004

HAha LOL where did u come from
Posted by benb7760 - Plasmagem 16th May, 2004

This is a great program. Could i suggest changing the icons, it would make it look a bit more proffessional.
Posted by amehrban 12th September, 2004

Link broken!





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