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Hola: Combat Degenerated Weapon Test
Author: Daiz [Team Fire Games] Submitted: 25th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 247

Edited By Daiz on 5/29/2004

Hola is topdown action shooter by Team Fire.
It has six weapons:
Gauss Rifle
Bazooka / Rocket Launcher

This is only a weapon test (and sorry about the resolution problems, if u have them). This includes all DLL files what it needs, so you wont waste your time searching for right DLL's. Test and enjoy (and sorry for the .rar-format)

GFX - PainMachine
Events - Daiz
Musics -
Samples - Sierra & Some Others

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Posted by m. collar 25th May, 2004

CNCS232.DLL missing
Posted by Galaxy613 25th May, 2004

oh my gosh, I never would've suppected anything this good from someone thats new, obvisly he+histeam aren't n00bs at MMF or GFX.
Posted by Tiri 25th May, 2004

pretty cool cept sometimes when i was standing one way it would shoot in a different direction that what i was pointing at
Posted by Assault Andy 26th May, 2004

Very Very nice. It was really cool! Especially the rail gun type thing. But I think you should reconsider distributing your files through .rar's because not as many people have winrar or something as they do winzip.
Posted by Galaxy613 26th May, 2004

yeh, use .zip, most ppl can use those, not many ppl have WinRAR...
Posted by KlikFactory 26th May, 2004

It's pretty good, but I have a couple problems with it. The rail gun or whatever it was and the thing that looked like a sniper rifle sometimes don't shoot the direction they should. Programming them to be inaccurate is fine, but they're shooting off by way too much, and sometimes are shooting sideways. I don't really like the movement. For a top-down shooter, I've always liked the setup where the arrow keys make you go the direction they point, and holding shift or something lets you strafe. Also the rail gun and sniper thing or whatever they are seem too similar, you should change one of them to an Assault Rifle.
Posted by Bo Fu 26th May, 2004

...If you are missing CNCS232.dll, you should find it on your hard drive and copy it to your freaking Windows/System directory. :P Not bad, though ditto on the aiming thing.
Posted by m. collar 27th May, 2004

Oh, really? I don't have MMF. I don't have the bloody file.
Posted by Jack Galilee 28th May, 2004

well then excuse me why are you here?
Posted by m. collar 28th May, 2004

I use click & create. It uses CNCS32.DLL
Posted by Prototailz 29th May, 2004

it's hosted by me ;I
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 29th May, 2004

Yes it is, thank you very much.
Posted by janne valtonen 29th May, 2004

Mut oon silti kovimmista kovin kovis eli PiCo!
Posted by PainMachine 29th May, 2004

Pico is only a professional graphic artist, the rest is a lamer. Sry, that is my opinion. But you have a place in our team always, 'cause you own da graphicz.
Posted by Erik 30th May, 2004

WINRAR IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO. =) (No offence anyone)
Posted by Liam_D 30th May, 2004

this is amazing!, i like the movement...i like everything about this...its class!
Posted by Yuhkaz 11th July, 2004

Is this a parody of Halo: Combat Evolved?
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 28th July, 2004

Oh yes this is :)





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