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Zero's Adventure (DEMO)
Author: Darksnpr Submitted: 17th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 86

Edited By Darksnpr on 7/18/2004

Edited By Darksnpr on 7/18/2004

Edited By Darksnpr on 7/17/2004

This Game was my 1st big attemp on Knp i did have games factory but tht got Deleted with all me games o well hope u like i think this is not gd and im gonna start a new gd one! i probs wont contunie this! tho

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Posted by Agent.X 18th July, 2004

Good game! =D a few spelling errors and glitches but the rest is kool!
Posted by 18th July, 2004

Phizzy: Rule no. 1 dont be a dick, Dick. As a quote from Dark "This Game was my 1st big attemp on knp" And as said by Adam Their are a few glitches... But its not a bad game. You didnt even say anything nice about it... Anyway, game is pretty cool should maybe get some people to test it out before finnishing up, and fix the bugs reported other than that good job.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 20th July, 2004

Not bad. But the graphics could use a lot of work. I'd get rid of the character's wings or whatever they are, because they get stuck on the platforms. It bugs me. Other then that, nice. :)
Posted by Darksnpr 22nd July, 2004

i think this game is cr** so i might not continue it lol my start a new game not shaw!
Posted by Agent.X 23rd July, 2004

well its good to see that your makign games again!!! =D





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