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Flymo Racers
Author: Steve Wardale Submitted: 30th May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 251

Flymo Racers is a racing/head-to-head car game, using Lawnmowers (Flymo's, of course) instead of cars, and grass instead of tracks. Here are some key points.- Two Player against the CPU - 6 Characters to choose from, three per player! - Realistic mowing fx - Obstacles, such as twigs, newspapers and grass shavings! - Secret bonus level, accesable thru a secret cheat!!! So, now you've heard it, why not try it? Simply down it and have hours (or at least 12 minutes) of lawn-mowing, crazy fun!

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Posted by 30th May, 2002

rofl it roxor
Posted by skn3 30th May, 2002

hmm looks very similar to a game by JJsoft ;)
Posted by Bart 30th May, 2002

Yes it does, but I think this was released way before Paint Battle or whatever
Posted by richy486 31st May, 2002

I remember seeing a show about guys in engalnd have races on their rideon lawnmowers that went all night and they had to keep switching drivers cause it hurt so much.
Posted by 16th July, 2002

Posted by 16th July, 2002

lol cool game






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