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Zonk Adventure
Author: Paettson Submitted: 3rd August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 94

This game is about Zonk, the weirdo-animal. He is wery angry because the evil monsters has taken his coins. But Zonk is going to take back his coins. Belive me. Zonk has got a super-strong fire-explosion-attack. It's powerful. Belive me.

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Posted by Cazra 3rd August, 2004

It doesn't work. You need to include the .gam file with the .exe.
Posted by Paettson 3rd August, 2004

Should work now.
Posted by Lazernaut 3rd August, 2004

It's obvious this was made by someone new to click software. This is not meant to sound critising. Actually I think this is cool for a newbie game (again, not critisism). It reminds me of my early days. I see you've drawn your own graphics (except for the explosion) and that's always a plus as this alone makes the game more interesting. Some advice though: Try setting the hotspots and action spots in the middle of the character frames/pictures (hotspots have to do with the position of the object so if they're in the middle, the character won't be "shifty" when turning around. Action spots have to do with where things appear when shooting)...anyways, keep practicing and i'm sure we'll see some great stuff from you in the future :)
Posted by Paettson 3rd August, 2004

Thanks for that.. I think.. :P Actually, i learned to use TGF yesterday. But i am learning fast and i will soon be better.
Posted by Lazernaut 3rd August, 2004

If you only just learned to use Tgf, i'd say you're doing pretty well :)
Posted by Noyb 3rd August, 2004

When you choose multiple directions to shoot objects, TGF randomly chooses one of them. If you want Zonk to shoot both left and right, put them in separate actions. If you want him to shoot left or right depending on where he's facing, use a flag: Player moves right: turn Zonk flag 0 off. Player moves left: turn Zonk flag 0 on. Fire2 pressed + flag 0 off: shoot right. Fire2 pressed + flag 0 on: shoot left.
Posted by Paettson 3rd August, 2004

Ohh, thanks. I didn't know that.
Posted by Kris 3rd August, 2004

nice job for a day's work. keep at it!
Posted by Cazra 4th August, 2004

Not really the best game ever. I must say though that this is actually pretty good for someone who's been clicking for only a few days.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th August, 2004

Yes, it's good for somebody who just learned how to use Gfactory, but there are a lot of things I don't like about this game. The hot spots are all off, the graphics aren't the best, and you used gradients. In the third level, I can't get the coin that's in between the barriers. You ripped the stuff the guy shoots from the TGF Libraries. Also, it's to easy to kill all of the baddies, because the stuff he shoots is way to big. This could be a good game, you just have to work more on it. :) Good luck! :)
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 5th August, 2004

Btw, i know you're new and all but NEVER save screenshots as .BMPs use JPEG or for top quality .PNG
Posted by Wormware 6th August, 2004

Reminds me of my first game. But this one is quite hard to play, with that Hotspot-difficulty. But keep up the good wor!
Posted by Paettson 7th August, 2004

Shit, i didn't have Photoshop when i saved the screenshots!




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