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Plow man
Author: Steven Bishop Submitted: 20th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 84

This is my frist game that i have made. its kind of like pacman but you get to drive a plow truck and plow snow and try not to hit the parked or moving cars you use the arrow keys to move the truck

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Posted by Muggus 21st August, 2004

Fist game you say? Oh...hmmm...that could be painful...
Posted by vortex2 21st August, 2004

Hmm, some things: 1) Use a zip, an installer really wasnt needed for this ;). 2) Focus on stylizing your main menu, try to do something releated to your game. Mabey have a background picture of a plow truck with a guy standing by it, the text Plow Man, and a menu with two trucks that show you what choice is selected... (mabey 3d model em and have it rotating :P). Mabey have more options on the menu too, like a help screen with a story or something.... mabey an options screen to configure music on/off, or change the keys? 3)Use a more grid movement: (x/gridsize)*gridsize (y/gridsize)*gridsize ... it should remove one tile of snow at a time, the way it works now is just odd... Also an idea is that you can't stop becuase the ice makes you slide around so you got to turn at exactly the right second to avoid the cars.. this would add more challange and mean you dont need a pixel movement really... also, you should only be able to remove snow from the front of the plow... 4)It should show you how many lives you have left... 5)The continue screen=bad, have a more stylized continue screen, mabey some continues.... if there are no continues (which this doesnt seem to) then just go back to the main menu! no need to have a different menu for no reason :S. Keep Trying ^_^.




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