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Depth Diver
Author: Chris Och Submitted: 14th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 185

Edited By Chris Och on 9/25/2004

Edited By Chris Och on 9/16/2004

A high scoring game, loosely based on a never released prototype Atari 2600 game called "Aquaventure". You are a diver, collecting the treasure from the deep, trying to avoid the sea creatures. Made for the 24 hour competition at

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Posted by ChasetheCheese 15th September, 2004

Thumbs up for me! It's a great game :D I really like the old school look, and the sounds are great too :D The only downside is that the game is a bit hard, with the current fish speed. meh.
Posted by Hagar 15th September, 2004

Very good, but something very similar was released for the Dragon 32, called something like shark attack...
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 15th September, 2004

I found that I often died when the screen scrolled down because it moved me into the path of an octopus. Also, what's with the crazy "Noname" stuff in the installer? Great graphics as usual, though.
Posted by Teapot 15th September, 2004

Someone should really get rid of Chris' n00bie rating...
Posted by Radix 15th September, 2004

Someone should mention this was made for the 24-hour challenge at KM.
Posted by Radix 15th September, 2004

Which would those be?
Posted by Chris Och 16th September, 2004

Yep, I made it for the 24 hour comp, so don't expect that much from it :). I think the Atari 2600 games make a good template for a comp like that. I too love the simplicity, yet challenge of those games. Go to, and find "Aquaventure" to see what I found the inspiration from. Like I say, not much, but in 24 hours, I guess not too bad :).
Posted by Chris Och 16th September, 2004

Oh, and upon Andi's whipping..err request, I will add a high score table that you can upload your score on the Natomic site. As it stands, you have to write it down or something ;).
Posted by danjo 16th September, 2004

how bout you cheap guys at natomic host it! ;) rather than that shitty homestead upload which doesnt work. btw chris, i have this made somewhere too XD
Posted by Ryan▫S 16th September, 2004

:O I saw the nipples!
Posted by Darson 16th September, 2004

Haha! a children game ;)
Posted by Lupo 16th September, 2004

This game is fun yes, but it's a simple concept NICE but SIMPLE. The "menu" for any help doesn't exist, for this reason at last playig, i've lost a lot of lives.. frustrating.. -.- Hum.. Good graphic, like children's games.
Posted by Chris Och 16th September, 2004

Okay, it's on the Natomic site. I really did it so quickly, that nobody at Natomic knew about it, so I hosted it on my crappy site ;). Danjo, you made a game similar to this?
Posted by danjo 16th September, 2004

yes - exactly this game; well an unfinished version somewhere on a cd
Posted by 16th September, 2004

I have also made an diving game called -> "Scupa Erkki". 800x640 resolution, with 16 mill. c. palette.
Posted by Radix 16th September, 2004

It's very rude to advertise in some else's game comments.
Posted by 16th September, 2004

,But (but) the last picture has so prettyy.. colors :)
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 16th September, 2004

whatever Iglu86, just keep it away from the comments and all will be just fine...
Posted by Radix 16th September, 2004

Now that I've played the bugless version, I have to say this is keen. I still think that bubbling sound kills the retro mood somewhat though.
Posted by Coop 17th September, 2004

very cool
Posted by Nuklear41 18th September, 2004

Posted by Airflow 21st September, 2004

But Aquaventure was released. It got called Aquatak. I got it here in the office.There's also a illegal hack that was sold around Australia called Bi Bi. Damn I wish I had a digital camera!
Posted by Chris Och 21st September, 2004

Really? I will have to look for this. If you go to , they say that it was never released. Thanks, Dr Evil Face.
Posted by Jack Galilee 26th September, 2004

I hate the installer





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