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Popo Level Test
Author: Paul_James Submitted: 21st September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 68

Alright I worked on this game for two days and this is what I got. Im pretty impressed with my own work. Im making this for my roommates and deckmates at college the name of the game is The Manly Adventures of Popo

Popo is part of the We like to Drunk and F*ck Frat
One day the guys at the frat decide to make the ultimate boozing sex party ever and they order 100 KEGS! While waiting for the order they get word that the punks at the Goodie-Goody Frat decides to steal their kegs! Popo gets mad pissed and goes with his big sword to kick some @ss. This is where he meets a wierd person who tells him that he must find 4 special places on the earth that will give him the power to defeat all evil. Popo doesnt give a sh*t he just wants his beer.

This game is pretty much set for an adult (college) audience, the game only features right now the first level of the first world, but I'm pretty happy about it. Yea I stole all my music from other games, because this game has a lot of references to classic games like Earthbound, Secret of Evermore, Dizzy, etc. Tell me what you think about it, I hope you guys enjoy it, expect it done within this month.

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Posted by The Chris Street 22nd September, 2004

The parallax scrolling is laggy. Reposition your events. Also, the sword swinging animation sometimes freezes.
Posted by Paul_James 22nd September, 2004

what do you mean reposition my events?
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd September, 2004

Move the events which control the parallaxing to near the top of the event list :)
Posted by AndyUK 22nd September, 2004

its pretty good, but at the moment it looks scruffy. And the sword is mad, nice one!
Posted by Coop 22nd September, 2004

good game, you should add a sound for the swoosh of the sword or him jumping (maybe you did and i just didn't hear it).
Posted by Liquixcat 23rd September, 2004

too much like furry and furry rules all
Posted by Paul_James 23rd September, 2004

furry is purple and smaller, and he doesnt have big eyes that just say, i really dont give a crap. i will admit that I made this game influenced by Furby, Earthbound, and other great games. as i said the real point of this is that its fun for me to make and fun to play - plus its about BEER!!!
Posted by Paul_James 23rd September, 2004






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