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Author: Fieron(FieryProductions) Submitted: 27th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 127

Edited By Fieron(FieryProductions) on 9/27/2004

I've played a bit of the g&w galleries for the gb/a and i kinda like those g&w games, so i made something similiar, not too similiar but its a collection of 4 games that i just made up for it so its a 4 in 1 package here

any who, this is another game that i made a little while ago like the NSAW one i submited like a week ago (or more ) this is one of my 'more serious' submissions (if you thought not so advanced wars was bad...)

the 4 games are BASEBALL, TRAP, ARROW and SK8ER (wow im so 1337 its not funny )

arrows: move left or right
shift: swing bat
you swing at the ball with the bat to keep it from going behind you and to score points, if you let it go, you'll lose a life, hit the gray banner thingies for an extra 5 points

arrows: move
you go around the maze without hiting the traps or bouncing red things of dooooom, to collect all the seisure(sp??) dots to score, you get them all and the board will reset and you'll be back in the safe zone.

arrows: move shield up and down
this game will start off slow but will get progressivally harder. you make sure the arrows hit the shield and not the wielder of the shield.

Arrows: move
you move around the skater dood and avoid holes and colect coins(tony hawk meets mario). bronze coins are 1 point, silver 5 points, gold 10 points, if you collect 20 bronze coins in a row without missing one, you get 25 points.

btw... there's a hidden game... try collecting a lot of points in each game

and if i get a lot of good reviews, next update i'll have it so the scores will save

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Posted by Assault Andy 27th September, 2004

Pretty nice. Graphics look like they have potential but when you blow them up and make them pixelleated it's horrible. Colours are horrible, such as the play buttons which don't contrast at all. Gameplay is okay, the only game which I found entertainng was the arrow one. Goodluck with future games.
Posted by Jack Galilee 27th September, 2004

I like the games but hate your Arrogance
Posted by The Chris Street 27th September, 2004

Yup. Lose the arrogance or lose everyones respect.
Posted by Fieron(FieryProductions) 27th September, 2004

ah.... i'll try not to be arrogant any more, sowwy >.< the last thing i want to do is make enemies so i'll try to be more respective or something
Posted by Wormware 30th September, 2004

cool concept of some games. what's the password??
Posted by Fieron(FieryProductions) 30th September, 2004

you can find out the password if you reach a certain high score in each of the games
Posted by Wormware 1st October, 2004

okay.. takes some time, huh? Well.. maybe I'll try..





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