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Author: Claudio-Italy Submitted: 1st October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 245
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Edited By Claudio-Italy on 10/1/2004

Edited By Claudio-Italy on 10/1/2004

Edited By Claudio-Italy on 10/1/2004

“Nam” is a remake (but very different from the original one: we are talking of a 20 years old game) of one of the most famous palace software’s product: “Barbarian”.
We made this game for the retro remakes competition 2004. It’s imagined as the first chapter of a book telling us the legend of a great hero of the past: “Nam”.
It’s a fighting game and it’s both for one or two players. We made all the painted graphics (you can see all the original artworks and much more on the official site). It's completely free. That's a full version (in just 10 mega: all those graphics and midi).
What are you waiting for?
Try it…

*one player (six different A.I. in the Story mode)
*two players
*original graphics (1024*768 at 32.000 colours)
*some great original jingles
*two different stages
*final sequence
*introductions to each fight
*somersault and decapitation.

Official site:

Site of the developers (just in Italian):

Site of the Retro-remake competition:

NOTE:read me and full instructions inside the download.

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Posted by Kingson 1st October, 2004

I didnt played the original but I played this game years ago only with different graphics.
Posted by Claudio-Italy 1st October, 2004

I guess that's impossible since it's a first release (new coding and graphics...). Maybe you made a mistake: It was "Gladius" (the first and second chapter) you can still find on my site (and they are completely different and not worth the download).
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 1st October, 2004

I remember those Gladius games, the first was okay, but the second one sucked. This game has great, spectacular, lovely graphics, but it's not really fun to play. I couldn't even seem to hurt the first dude, even though the axe was hitting him, and the action is really slow paced. Needs speeding up and the combat system needs sorting.
Posted by Claudio-Italy 1st October, 2004

I tried to mantain (maybe I failed and you are right) the strategic feeling of the real "Barbarian". That's why the action may not be the faster in the world. Try to play it more, anyway. It requires a bit of time before giving the best. Thanks anyway.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 1st October, 2004

I have played it more, I seem to be getting the hang of the fighting, but I still think it could be doing with being a slight amount faster. There should also be more emphasis on fighting monsters and progressing through levels like the original Barbarian had, although that'd probably bump the filesize up too high for the competition. And you should put Maria Whittaker's cleavage in there like the original. But you can leave Wilf from Gladiators out. The sad thing is, a lot of people probably never had the pleasure to play Barbarian and Barbarian 2 on the C64 due to being too young, and I wonder who actually knows Maria Whittaker and Wilf? Anyway, like I said before, the graphics are gorgeous, can't fault em at all. The gameplay just needs tweaking a bit.
Posted by ChaosMaster04 1st October, 2004 looks beautiful, but I CANT HIT THE FIRST OPONENT!! How are you supposed to kill him!?
Posted by Claudio-Italy 1st October, 2004

It needs time. Usually my betatester had no difficulties 'till the last A.I. level. But if you can't beat him write me and I'll give you some cheat.
Posted by steve 1st October, 2004

Nice graphics but the gameplay is no-where near as good as the original, only 3 moves? to the c64's 8 or so? No blocking or parrying in this version? The collisions are not that great either. Takes a long time to get between menus too and after a death.
Posted by Mephistex 1st October, 2004

It's pretty cool, and looks amazing. But is it just the same fight over and over again?
Posted by Lupo 1st October, 2004

Great game! I'me just impressed from the graphics and I like so much the gameplay ;)
Posted by Claudio-Italy 2nd October, 2004

We have an increasing A.I. 'till the last match (the sixth). After that a closing screen. To block an enemy attak you have to make the same attak he's doing (up-up; down-down). I was forced in lots of limits because of the 10 mega limit for the competition (it's 1024*768 at 32.000).
Posted by Claudio-Italy 2nd October, 2004

One last thing. I forgot to mention it but pressing "Esc" you can skip all the sequences (including the one of the death except for the last level before the final screen....).
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 2nd October, 2004

you should really stop bagging on other people's downloads Iglu, it's obvious that more time went into this than probably all of your games combined. So try being nice and not advertising in other ppl's DL's (Depth Diver) ok?
Posted by Claudio-Italy 2nd October, 2004

of course I won't answer to anything like that....
Posted by CYS 3rd October, 2004

awesome art but they aren't really suitable for games.
Posted by BattleCat 4th October, 2004

weren't we supposed to -not- publisize our compo games for anywhere so that our games would only be on that cover disc thing ?
Posted by Claudio-Italy 4th October, 2004

Eviscerator, take a look here:
Posted by Claudio-Italy 4th October, 2004

Anyway: it should be better to use this forum for just the "The Daily Click" purposes and leave other discussions for other communities...
Posted by Binoz 5th October, 2004

Really a great game!
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 6th October, 2004

BARBARIAN!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! I remember this funny game... I was 12-13 years old when I played it for the first time on an Amstrad CPC-6128 back in 1992-1993 with a green monitor! My friend -who owned that old and crappy for that time computer- me and many schoolmates were playing for hours every day after school!!! Thanks for the memories Claudio. I'm downloading it right now and I hope I'll find some time for a review. 8)
Posted by contra 6th October, 2004

respect your elders you punkassed kids :P cool game. unique graphic style
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 7th October, 2004

30??? HA HA HA! No my little friend, I'm 22 and the most of my group is 20-21 years old.
Posted by Gonzo 7th October, 2004

I second the "Maria Whittaker's Cleavage" motion. It gave lots of sense to the original game.
Posted by Claudio-Italy 7th October, 2004

I guess I made a mistake as for ""Maria Whittaker". Maybe in a sequel (if this one wins something: vote for "The Game Of The Week Award").
Posted by Louis Moon 12th October, 2004

This should be sent to hell for its misleading title. Unless the Vietnam War was like this?
Posted by Hugo B. 19th June, 2006

This should be sent to hell for infringing copyright. It's okay if you rip graphics for a crappy game, but at least mention your source. These grapics are copied from Pat Mills "Slaine" comic series, of which i recognize several to one on one copies (only the original are painted way better) of "Slaine: the horned god" drawn by the famous fantasy artist Simon Bisley. Shame on you to take credit for his excellent work!!




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