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Maze Creator v4
Author: xinok Submitted: 22nd October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 130

Edited By xinok on 10/31/2004

Maze Creator v4 is a simple app for generating mazes. It allows you to select the width and height of the maze (up to 9999x9999), the size of each cell, and the # of columns / rows. It also allows you to select the colors for the walls, background, start / finish and trail (solution).
After the properties dialog, you are able to select the start location, and you can place walls to create your own designs and patterns. After generating a maze, you can select a finish location and draw a line from the start to finish (solution).

Feel free to give me any requests for the application and I might consider adding them.

Edit: The only versions of Maze Creator I've released are v3 and v4, so this is the second version -to be released-.

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd October, 2004

This reminds me a lot of an old program called MazeMaker, and it's a very clever piece of programming.
Posted by Kris 22nd October, 2004

woo, very nice. Is it a cellular automaton by any chance?
Posted by solonmonkey 22nd October, 2004

Ooh I remeber the first maze maker
Posted by Assault Andy 22nd October, 2004

This is a very nice app. I'm always facsinated by mazes.
Posted by J.A.P 23rd October, 2004

this is *GOOD*^_^! I like it ^_^ [g]
Posted by Coop 23rd October, 2004

wow thats really good.
Posted by xinok 23rd October, 2004

Thanks for the feedback :) Kris, I'm not very sure what cellular automaton is, but I looked it up and I'm pretty sure it isn't. It uses an algorithm called Prim, but I tweaked it a bit which gives it the branching effect when drawing the maze.
Posted by 23rd October, 2004

open source maybe :0? :)
Posted by Kris 24th October, 2004

Prim? ah, nice. Thanks
Posted by Kris 24th October, 2004

this is what I thought it was:
Posted by Blackstorm 24th October, 2004

Ooh, pretty...
Posted by Eric P 24th October, 2004

I really like this. One suggestion I have would be that in addition to saving the map as a graphics file, come up with some file definition that records the layout of walls vs. spaces, so that the file could be read into something like a game to be used for "random" level generation (or for test levels for people who can't design their own levels :) Hope this makes sense.
Posted by Weston L 25th October, 2004

Wow! Fantasic!
Posted by xinok 26th October, 2004

Eric P: What you're hoping for can probably be easily done with the pathfinding object.
Posted by Eric P 26th October, 2004

I'm not really sure I understand how that would help me, xinok. What I'd like to be able to do is save some sort of "definition" for the maze that gets generated which I could then load into a program I develop, such as a game or something. Maybe I don't understand exactly what that component is supposed to do, but I don't think it would solve my problem.
Posted by xinok 27th October, 2004

Pathfinding object has the 'fun > generate maze' action, and can save / load files.




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