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Chair Man (short cartoon)
Author: Rumney Submitted: 6th December, 2004 Favourites:0
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Edited By Andrew Rumney on 12/7/2004

Edited By Andrew Rumney on 12/7/2004

Chair Man - a short cartoon about a superhero who uses a turbo charged chair to fight evil, namely his boss Geoff Gordon, who plans to take over the world with weird creatures created in his lab.

I did the cutscenes for SPy2, a South Park game available here released a couple of years ago, and this is the first thing click related I've done since just about.

Originally something to waste my time and show my friends (all the characters are based on people at work) I thought I'd stick it on here to show what can be done in The Games Factory in terms of cutscenes. It was made in a week, has terrible graphics and animation and the jokes aren't funny to anyone who doesn't work with me, but you should be able to enjoy something. The two sequels improved on this one in every way possible.

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Posted by AsparagusTrevor 6th December, 2004

Posted by Silveraura 6th December, 2004

Rather slow server, not as slow as Freewebs or Geocities, but try out ;-) I'm downloading anyway.
Posted by Satansboss 6th December, 2004

Posted by Bo Fu 7th December, 2004

It's actually ace. Then again, Rumney has always been a colleague of mine...
Posted by Joshua M. 7th December, 2004

Hey this is quite nice! ... but, ehm, isn't it illegal to use music from other movies and stuff?
Posted by alibaba 7th December, 2004

laws hey, who needs em
Posted by Muggus 7th December, 2004

"Geoff, I already wish you were dead, nevermind that" WTF is that suppose to mean!? XD
Posted by Bo Fu 7th December, 2004

Joshua: If it is, then a lot of Clickers are in trouble - anybody who used the Bond theme, music from other games, etc.
Posted by Max 7th December, 2004

I don't think that using copyrighted material in a freeware game is much of an issue. Using copyrighted material in a commercial project, on the other hand... now you might have a real problem on your hands. Really nice little cartoon, Rumney. It's not as impressive than your SPy2 cutscenes, but this is still cutscene material that I could only dream of creating for the while being. I definitely enjoyed it and it serves as a good showoff of what kind of cutscenes you can make in TGF. :) The former poorly-grammared king is now signing off. ;)
Posted by Joshua M. 8th December, 2004

Yeah ok but I mean, you shouldn't get any trouble with MIDI's, but mp3's, hmm. (By the way I was hoping you'd say 'no it's no problem' so I can use it too ^_^)
Posted by Rumney 8th December, 2004

Thanks for the comments. I just decided to stick it on here to see if it compared to what other people were doing in terms of cutscenes. This one's, what, 5-10 minutes? Second one's about 25 minutes and the third and final one is a staggering 45 or so minutes long! I'll post Chairman 2 and 3 soon enough.





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