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Magical Towers
Author: Evil-Ville Submitted: 22nd January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 202

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Edited By Evil-Ville on 1/23/2005

Long long time ago, in the land of random geometric shapes an epic battle between two.. Squares was fought. The battle had begun over an argument about what language should be used on an english website.

This is a 2 player hotseat game which means you need a someone to play it with. The objective is to destroy the other player in any possible way. That is shooting straight at him, collecting the powerups to do it and letting him/her kill him/herself by shooting the death 'power-up'.

Power up list:

'Meteor' shower: Causes magical particles to drop down to the enemy tower.
Volcano: Magical particles shoot up from under the enemy tower.
Death: It kills you, don't shoot.
Shield: Generates a magical shield around you for a small amount of time.
Spread shot: You shoot in 3 directions at the same time for a limited period of time.

Updated: Added a new power-up and made the 'meteor' shower more random.

Update2: Changed player 2 shooting key to capslock. Please turn it off after playing.

This is not an argument about languages. Go make a topic about it.


Edit: Added a storyline for my own fun and a better description to increase the possibility of getting on frontpage. :F

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Posted by Tomssuli 22nd January, 2005

Hyvä peli =) Olisit voinu kyllä laittaa randomia niihin pommituksiin vähäsen ettei ne tuu aina täsmälleen samaan kohtaan... Ja sit jos teet uuden version tästä niin lisää erilaisia power uppeja =)
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 22nd January, 2005

This is really cool. It really gave me some feelings of retro. You could say that this is a action version of the first Worms game. Now to find someone to compete against... XD
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 22nd January, 2005

@Tomssuli: Don't even bother to speak Finnish. And yo by the way: "Sinä haiset perunalle ja makkaralle"
Posted by Evil-Ville 22nd January, 2005

Thank you Tomssuli and Wartagon. And Tomssuli, I am against speaking finnish on english sites. :F It just isn't right. And I am planning on releasing a version with few more power ups sometime later.
Posted by realvictory 22nd January, 2005

Speak whatever language you like. English isn't that great, anyway. If people don't understand what you're saying, that's their problem.
Posted by Silveraura 22nd January, 2005

Face it, this is an English site, period.
Posted by Kris 22nd January, 2005

Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 22nd January, 2005

"English isn't that great" Silly american talk. OUR english is great (English English not American English)
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 22nd January, 2005

Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 22nd January, 2005

(Only joking, don't be offened ;))
Posted by ChasetheCheese 23rd January, 2005

Next time, consider that not all keyboards have the same keys, and I cant shoot with player 2 so basically it renders the game useless :)
Posted by Evil-Ville 23rd January, 2005

Could you try the button that is over Tab? Tell me if it doesn't work and I'll change the controls.
Posted by Evil-Ville 23rd January, 2005

I changed it to capslock. Hope it works now.
Posted by Joey Drasal 23rd January, 2005

speaking English is the U.S. main language. I only speak English I dont understand any other language and it is not my problem it is urs u need to learn how to speak frinkin ENGLISH!!!!!!!!! That is my point if u ever make fun of english then ur gay REALVICTORY!!!! By the way Evil-Ville nice game.
Posted by Silveraura 23rd January, 2005

English isnt just the main language in US though, but I speak english & if you want to talk to me, either learn english to dont talk to me, its as simple as that. Same with everyone else who only speaks english. This is an English site, end of story.
Posted by Nick of All Trades 23rd January, 2005

Joey: Most countries requiers you to read your national language, a modern language AND english. And since english is your national language the least you could do is to learn at least ONE more language.
Posted by Nick of All Trades 23rd January, 2005

Great game, by the way.
Posted by Dave Matthew (Jester Gaming) 23rd January, 2005

but maybe Joey should learn to speak english properly before getting into any other languages X)
Posted by Yuhkaz 23rd January, 2005

Who gives a crap about English you're turning this guys game comments into a big argument on language. Thats just stupid... It's a cool game :)
Posted by Radix 23rd January, 2005

Pystyn syömään lasia. Se ei koske yhtään.
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 23rd January, 2005

all other languages look like to me is dnghsdhghrtgehdsgfgsdhthredysgfhdg, otherwords, a bunch of f*cked up letters. so enough other languages, and speak english, as you can see, its pretty much an english community, and if you speak other languages, how are the english people and american people here going to understand what your saying. The comments area is for comments on a game in which other people can read to decide if they want to try the game. enough of the other languages, use english here, and nice game.
Posted by Radix 23rd January, 2005

Voi Luoja! Paassani on kirves!
Posted by yuyu 23rd January, 2005

I couldnt give a shit about other languages in comments. Its just babble to you if you dont know the language so just turn off to it. Dont get angry about it because theres no point. Soon Im gonna get angry about the fact your not even commenting the game in the "Comments" section, just cryin about something very small. This game feels real nice.
Posted by Silveraura 23rd January, 2005

All just juborish
Posted by DaVince 24th January, 2005

Je dois parler Français. Of Nederlands. Or English. Oder Deutsch. As long as you can choose a language in games other than English. btw, no screenies.
Posted by DaVince 24th January, 2005

Oh wait. All of a sudden there ARE screenies. ?!
Posted by Evil-Ville 24th January, 2005

The screenshot host was down. Sorry.
Posted by DaVince 25th January, 2005

Well, I refreshed 2 minutes later and they were back... :P I think you should: - Implement more levels. It means more fun! - make a proper menu. It looks okay, but moving the arrows and pressing enter or space is better than pressing 1 or 2. That's it, actually.
Posted by Joey Drasal 25th January, 2005

I already learned spanish.
Posted by Joey Drasal 25th January, 2005

This might the beginning of worldwarLanguage 1 lol. Dave u are a stupid gay fag who needs to learn how to speak a language cause i dont think u typed a sentence i think is was just crap that u typed.X) F)U)
Posted by - Yelnek - 25th January, 2005

lol... I think Canadian English is awesome eh!
Posted by BallisticsFood 26th January, 2005

I speak mainly english, but there's only really 10 kinds of people in this world. Those that understand binary, and those that dont. Cool game
Posted by Radix 26th January, 2005

Don't forget the ones who make lame jokes entirely out of context. This is a game development website. I'm sure you could've kept even a red-hot jape like that under your belt until the next time binary comes up in conversation.
Posted by Pabloa 27th January, 2005

Heh, this has the retrospect from the Amiga. Nice work.
Posted by realvictory 28th January, 2005

See why I hate it? I suppose not! ...It's not the language you speak, but what you say that matters. Anyway, it's a good game. I find it a little bit simple... although I was playing it by myself! ;) P.S. The holes in the scenery aren't the same colour as the sky! As far as I could tell, anyway.
Posted by Evil-Ville 28th January, 2005

They are exact same colour on the .ccn file. When I make it a standalone it changes the colour of the hole. :/
Posted by en kerro 11th February, 2005

British english is best.
Posted by Tomssuli 12th February, 2005

Sorry about the finnish, I just was so anxious to comment the game :). I too prefer english for english sites, for some unexplainable reason :D And about the game... Did you purposedly put so small object for destroyable walls? Now there will be hole only if the shot happens to be overlapping the wall.
Posted by Tomssuli 13th February, 2005

The randomizer in mereor showers is good by the way :)
Posted by shftd 3rd March, 2005

I'll give you a laugh: Svenska suger apa = swedish sucks monkey
Posted by shftd 3rd March, 2005






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