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RyuFox Fighters 1: Mark II
Author: Kitsune Yamato Submitted: 7th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 291

Okay, this is a remake of one of my original games, that most people on TDC are probably not going to remember due to them not being at the original GDA.

Deleted and reuploaded this due to the amount of unnecessarily negative comments this was garnering.

Anyway, this is a demo. It's NOT a finished product, people >.>

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Posted by DaVince 7th February, 2005

Nope, it's boring. And the cars really look zoomed.
Posted by Yuhkaz 7th February, 2005

the ideas all there but you haven't presented it very well. You have to spend more time on menus too.
Posted by Joshua M. 7th February, 2005

@Phizzy: Maybe to get another chance in the GOTW, maybe to get all eyes on this game again, as if it were new. I still don't like it anyway.
Posted by Jack Galilee 7th February, 2005

may I ask who that wierd girl in your avatar is cause this game isnt going anywhere im sory!
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 7th February, 2005

@Phizzy: Because. @Yuhkaz: It's a demo. I'm not gonna spend weeks on end working on the menu for what should be an engine test. @Joshua: No, I didn't submit this for another chance at GOTW. And I didn't say you had to like it. @ToTaL: Way to be, what, four years old? Seriously people, you don't have to like the stuff I submit, but if you're gonna say anything about it, you could at least give constructive criticism rather than saying the game sucks flat-out because of one or two things you dislike about it. Gameplay is still being worked on. This is not yet a complete engine, therefore certain characters, moves, AI fixes, etc have not yet been implemented. Menus will be finished in the full version. The last time I made a demo, I spent more time on the menu than I had wished, considering that the game isn't yet a complete product. Cars are going to be redone/remade. For now, they only look zoomed so they're proportionate to the size of the characters. I'm not going to make special effects like the hit sparks and the projectile attacks because I'm not exactly as good as spriting those as I am at spriting my own characters (yes, the characters in the demo are NOT rips for those not yet in the know). If you want me to do something different in the game, all you have to do is say what it is and how it can be changed. Comments like "OMG UR GAM SUXS AS" isn't going to get anything fixed and is more than likely to get someone irritated. Besides, whether or not you guys like the game, there'll still be others who enjoy it regardless of your opinions. :)
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 7th February, 2005

Bah, I meant that they were zoomed, not looked zoomed >.>
Posted by chrilley 7th February, 2005

Kitsune, this will just give you even more negative comments...
Posted by FiMi 7th February, 2005

Awesome. ... again.
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 7th February, 2005

"Kitsune, this will just give you even more negative comments..." Well, even if it does, I've said what I've had to say, so that really doesn't bother me too much anymore. Oh, as for the whole "resubmitting to get another shot at GOTW," I actually didn't even have any idea this made GOTW nominations before I took it down. I reuploaded RFF1 because I saw it got nominated and decided that if people actually liked the game here despite all the negative comments, then who would I be to take it down? Therefore I reuploaded it. Whether or not RFF1 makes GOTW nominations again, I don't know, and quite frankly I don't really care. If it does, it does. If it doesn't, it doesn't. All I know is that it was stupid of me to take it down in the first place.
Posted by Joshua M. 7th February, 2005

@Kitsune: Ok, ok. Just calm down. First, make the graphics equal. By that I mean that the graphics should be all in the same style, in this case, anime style. You might want to remake the cars so that they don't look resized and you should change the grass. That would look a whole lot better already. For the rest, well, I like the idea, and the effects are neat. But I think it needs more playability, maybe more attacks and maybe some possibilities to dodge attacks, rather than taunting. I hope the finished game is going to be really good. Oh and by the way, that white border around the actual game feels a bit cheap...
Posted by Fanotherpg 7th February, 2005

I just say that I like it (really) Game has got some bugs but it's very nice and it isn't boring...
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 7th February, 2005

@Joshua: Yeah, I'll definitely do more to the final product. As for the white border, how DO you change that? I was trying to make the border black, but I couldn't find it in MMF.
Posted by Joey Drasal 7th February, 2005

Nice game really cool. Cant wait when u finish it.
Posted by Fanotherpg 7th February, 2005

Yea you say right Joey Drasal it's nice :)
Posted by AfterStar 7th February, 2005

Hmm...that fox looks exactly the same like the fox in Sonic!...Anyway,i think it can become a great fighting game if you put a lot of effort in it. And like Joshua said some dodge moves would be cool :)
Posted by Joshua M. 8th February, 2005

@Kitsune: You have the project manager on your left in MMF, right? Doubleclick on properties. In the Properties menu, you have to click on 'Window'. There you can change the border color and the size of the game window. By the way, are you Japanese or did you just make up that name of yours?
Posted by Jason Orme 8th February, 2005

he probely resubmitted it so that all the bad comments would be no more.
Posted by Jason Orme 8th February, 2005

Ah, to quote the description "Deleted and reuploaded this due to the amount of unnecessarily negative comments this was garnering" Boo Hoo :(
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 8th February, 2005

And any point you were trying to make in quoting me is immediately lost.
Posted by Kooper Koopa 8th February, 2005

Critisizing games without a good reason is no way to go through life, son. @Phizzy, Joshua, and ToTal
Posted by Jason Orme 8th February, 2005

I guess the people who are defending Kitsune, are the ones who didnt see his comments before he deleted this game for the first time.
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 8th February, 2005

"I guess the people who are defending Kitsune, are the ones who didnt see his comments before he deleted this game for the first time." Hi again, Jason. If you actually stopped to consider that my initial comments were made because people like you, amongst others, made assish comments with zero-logic like "I'm not gonna download this game because of Kitsune's attitude," then you'd see why I deleted and reuploaded this game in the first place. And just so for the record, I believe very few of my original comments actually contained insults or flaming, thank you very much.
Posted by clwe 9th February, 2005

It's probably too late for any more comments related to the game, seeing the way this turned out, but... I'll skip over the presentation part, seeing as the menus are obviously very unfinished. Onto the battles...the first thing I noticed in the game is that none of the characters (or objects) have shadows, so they can be 'hit' at any part of their body, regardless of where they are standing. A better way of explaining that would be to talk about the cars. If I stand on the edge of the upper pavement and a big car comes past, the top of it 'collides' with the character, even though the perspective suggests that he is into the distance, away from it. It might not seem like a big thing, but no shadows or sense of perspective makes it unrealistic and a little annoying. Adding shadows and using them for more realistic collision would be quite easy to do. The fighting itself is...well, flawed. It has a certain charm and is mildly entertaining in a 'button-bash' way, but there's little skill involved at present. The AI is nicely done (and puts up a tough fight, assuming you play fair) but it's very easy to win just by 'spamming' a characters special attack (i.e. mashing the space button). That's a pretty big mistake. If I'm being picky, it's also a bit too easy to be knocked all over the place between the enemy, cars and trashcans flying around. The lack of different and useful moves for a character doesn't really help. For example...why would I want Kitsune to perform a kick when I can have him swing his sword for much more range and virtually the same attack speed? Sakura's two moves are basically interchangeable, as well. I think there needs to a little more move variety...but more importantly, each move for a character should have it's own use, rather than be redundant or too samey. It would be nice to be able to perform the odd combo too, but it seems all you can do are single hits, bar a character's super move. One final niggle...I'm not convinced that the 'taunt/dodge' move is very useful. It would make more sense if it was a basic counter (just as an example), but right now there's nothing stopping the enemy from simply hitting you as soon as you finish the taunt. Alright, I've criticised it quite enough...that's a whole lotta negativity. Basically, I think there's quite a bit that could be done to improve this demo as it stands.
Posted by Yuhkaz 10th February, 2005

" "May I call you Phizzy Douchebag?" Like I give a crap, you're just a peasant wearing short pants. " LMFAO Everyone should lighten up here. If you want some critisism, I thought that the AI was quite strange I dont know how to explain that well. I can't play the game right now my fingers are jarred. I thought it was cool, but even though it was supposed to be fast paced sometimes you dont know whats happening. How about adding little popups that tell you when a bonus has been collected, a special move has been made, special bar is at enough power to execute a special move, damage etc.
Posted by Portat 10th February, 2005

Don't bag phizzy he makes this site more entertaining:P
Posted by Daniel 10th February, 2005

Heh, arguments are funny when they're stupid.
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 10th February, 2005

@Yuhkaz: I'll consider the little popups, as I've used them in games before. :) @clwe: Yeah, I'm kinda aware that it's pointless to have moves that are basically interchangeable, but the reason for that is that I was gonna add some items to the game that can be broken only using a particular move. Primary moves (SHIFT) would open boxes labeled 1. Secondaries (CTRL) would open boxes labeled 2. Specials (SPACE) would open boxes labeled 3. And I've thought of ways to prevent spamming up the game with special moves (or any moves for that matter, so I'll employ them the next chance I get to work on this.
Posted by 10th February, 2005

Japanise/Chinese name (or those hot lady logos, which you'r using) doesn't turn everybody into a good gamemaker.
Posted by Leric 10th February, 2005

I actually liked it. It's fun once you learn how to play it better. Took me a few tries but after I got a hang of it I found that the game kinda reminds me of Power Stone & because of that I'm gonna pitch you the same idea that I wish Capcom would use for Power Stone, you should make a Brawler using this system (& maybe even it's story, FireFox Brawlers or something). Reason I say this is because like Power Stone as I was playing this I imagined how much more cooler it would be as a Brawler (imagine over the top moves & the ability to use your environment against enemies like how in the demo the cars would hit you & you could hit the garbage cans oh & big BIG bosses).
Posted by Kooper Koopa 10th February, 2005

Word of advice for Phizzy: Don't post if you're just going to call out someone for no reason whatsoever.
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 10th February, 2005

Phizzy, it's really funny how you're still posting, yet you've been owned about a million times in this topic. :) I was gonna make a really sarcastic remark in your general direction, but any continued post from you at this point in time just continues to prove any of Draco's points concerning your lack of logic and your level of maturity. So there's no need for me to say anything else to you after this. :D
Posted by IM AM IRON MAN 10th February, 2005

So let me get this straight; not only do you have the right to insult us as you see fit and derail topics, but you also have the right to halt the argument on the dime?
Posted by IM AM IRON MAN 10th February, 2005

Phizzy, stop accusing us of the same thing you're doing. I haven't checked any of your games. And unlike you, I won't vote them thumbs down just because we've had a squabble.
Posted by IM AM IRON MAN 10th February, 2005

Beats me. You seem to contradict yourself a lot.
Posted by IM AM IRON MAN 10th February, 2005

... I made a spelling error. and so did Kitsune, cuz it's Bokosuka Wars
Posted by clwe 10th February, 2005

nonono...*this* is how you do it: l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l R0FfL3 u $uCk!!!!! uR m0m Iz @ f@gG07!!1111!!1 (frankly, that gets to the point quicker than half the posts here...)
Posted by IM AM IRON MAN 10th February, 2005

Well to be technical, 1337speak is designed to type as quickly as possible, so they won't go out of their way to use |\| and @ and all that crap
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 10th February, 2005

asdfadsf OSH Bokosuka always tripped me up :\
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 10th February, 2005

And hell, I don't even have to insult anyone anymore to get a kick out of this. The ridiculous level of asshattery and all the "Thumbs Down" votes on RyuFox Fighters out of jealousy or obvious bias rather than truely not liking the game is humor enough. :D
Posted by Kooper Koopa 10th February, 2005

Listening to Phizzy's retarded comments is actually kinda amusing I must admit.
Posted by Leric 11th February, 2005

Be nice if these comments could get back to being about the GAME & not just some stupid battle. I still wanna know what Kitsune Yamato thinks of my brawler idea.
Posted by Kitsune Yamato 11th February, 2005

"I still wanna know what Kitsune Yamato thinks of my brawler idea." If you're thinking of a game in which you walk around, kicking peoples' asses, I aleady had a similar project in mind for another game. Whether or not I actually employ it is still up in the air.
Posted by DaVince 12th February, 2005

Uh... Flaming... Go to or something...
Posted by Leric 12th February, 2005

"If you're thinking of a game in which you walk around, kicking peoples' asses, I aleady had a similar project in mind for another game. Whether or not I actually employ it is still up in the air." Ok cool. In my opinion I think you should make it.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 12th February, 2005

That's it, all of you, Shut up. You talk about stupidity but the continue this crap. This is a warning for all of you Ironman, M@#@!$, or whatever, and phizzy. "Deleted and reuploaded this due to the amount of unnecessarily negative comments this was garnering." Tip for next time, don't delete then re-add cause of this reason, or it may not be accepted the second time. Now I'm gonna delete all these stupid flames, so TAKE THE HINT.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 12th February, 2005

Ok, that took over a half an hour. Iglu86 - You randomly insult people even though your greatest claim to fame is a poorly made tank game, oh yeah, and that 16 thousand color diving game or whatever you made. STFU Kitsune - I'm aware of the previous comments on this download, and I just have a suggestion that you come off of your high horse. And don't even start with that "I'm not on a high horse..." cause your comments throughout your downloads prove that you indeed are on a high horse. Not every comment is going to be constructive, but getting defensive and insulting people isn't gonna help your cause. Stooges - I already warned you guys, you're off the hook. On a personal note: Phizzy's coding could probably wipe the floor with the lot of you, he's proved it. He does get annoying, and out of hand, but a noob he ain't. Now this doesn't mean I'm going to tolerate any crap from you Phizzy. Now This is done with.
Posted by Cheeky Girl 19th February, 2005

Kill Spam with Barracuda!
Posted by izac 26th February, 2005

thats one nice game and the AI is cool!!
Posted by MBK 11th February, 2008

Engine tests should be open source, whether they are good or not ... just my opinion.

This looks like a Tournament fighting engine as well, so i'm not downloading it for now, maybe at a later time.

This is the Beat-em-up section. Although, there apparently is no Tournament fighter category on the site ..

Tournament Fighting games should have a Section.
Someone should add that.

And yes, this is kind of a late post, but hey, if i haven't seen it yet, then it's new to me !

Posted by Codemonkey 11th November, 2008






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