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Armies Screensaver
Author: MrGrey Submitted: 4th March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 147

Edited By MrGrey on 3/4/2005

Edited By MrGrey on 3/4/2005

This is a project ive been working on for an age. The Disciples of Terror, a mercenary group (blue/black), battle it out with the Jaithmace Guild, a relegious techno-cult (chrome/white). Get ready to see people getting shot in the face with gauss rifles, giant robot suits with miniguns, laser firing tanks, dropships, beam artillery, giant walkers of doom, and plenty more. 1024x768. Give Teh Feedback!

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Posted by Joey Drasal 5th March, 2005

Hey nice screen saver!! Do u think u can make it into a game lol.
Posted by Joey Drasal 5th March, 2005

(((I was just joking lol)))
Posted by matt-e-h 5th March, 2005

Hey, This is amazing! just sat and watched it for ten odd minutes, its just that good! definatly found my bnew screen saver!!! :D
Posted by Digital Dream software 5th March, 2005

WOW! seriously Joeys right, i hope ur gonna make that into a game! Lol the big silver guys dont last long! lol
Posted by contra 5th March, 2005

very nice! the terrain effects and everything blended in smoothely. I liked your character designs even though quite generic stuff you made it look original and fresh. cool stuff!
Posted by | _ (/\) ! $ ţ 5th March, 2005

like Star Wars game of last year! pretty nice! downloading! :D
Posted by MrGrey 5th March, 2005

Novasoft: Yes, my computer is also a 5 year old shitbox, and it lags terribly when it gets to 200+ objects. As for making it a game, I had some pritty sweet ideas as far as making it into some sort of RTS game with the same camera angle. Some things like enemy AI seem kind of daunting, though, and since I dont have as much time to mess around with CNC as I used to, I doubt that such a thing will ever see the light of day. Tradgic.
Posted by Jack Galilee 5th March, 2005

well, I have a whole bunch of engines on my coputer that could help with this, so contact me if you want to make this into a game...
Posted by MrGrey 5th March, 2005

Is this not eligible for GOTW because its just a screen saver?
Posted by Silveraura 5th March, 2005

I dont think screen savers are eligible for the GOTW, but yeah, its a really nice screen saver! Great Work!!
Posted by MrGrey 5th March, 2005

I've gotten some emails regaurding making a game with things other than CNC. Of course, if I could use resources outside CNC, the most amazing thing would be to make a First Person Shooter with GTA3-ish massive open world *waves his arms in hopes people with these resources come say hi*. Lots of the things in this were, like Tyraner said, generic, especially compared to some other stuff I have brewing in my weird head.
Posted by Liquixcat 6th March, 2005

wow, this is really really good... :::::make a game
Posted by alibaba 6th March, 2005

ah it looks very prety - it runs too fast on my computer tho - the ships have been and gone be4 i can see them properly!
Posted by MrGrey 6th March, 2005

Phizzy: All original.
Posted by Joey Drasal 8th March, 2005

I have disagreements in making it a first person game u should make it 3rd person with a star wars battle front look
Posted by Toxic 11th March, 2005

Dammit blue always wins! Damn the Disciples!
Posted by Lelle 12th March, 2005

Oh! This is lovely! The grafics is so smooth... Well, it would be cool like a game, online? haha :P
Posted by Pyro 13th March, 2005

This is sweet.
Posted by Lelle 13th March, 2005

Well, could you give me the source? I'd like to add sounds... I promise you that i won't claim that i'v made it or something...
Posted by Tar 17th July, 2005

man man!!, this screensaver is great!!, there are times when you think a team will win...but they all die
Posted by Windybeard Games 5th December, 2006

Posted by dsadasfsd 28th March, 2009

Link doesnt work anymore..




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