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War of the Worlds
Author: Shaman King Submitted: 31st March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 76

this is a scrolling shooter like the game 1945

Review This Download of the (2.45mb )

Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 31st March, 2005

was made in Game Maker like 1945, and all u did is change the GFX from 1945 and add a crap menu...u didnt make this!
Posted by Ski 31st March, 2005

oh dear. are you a begginer?
Posted by Shaman King 31st March, 2005

actually, i did and I am a beginner
Posted by Shaman King 31st March, 2005

I also added a special hidden game that you have to unlock
Posted by axel 1st April, 2005

he didn't make this himself? Stone him to death!
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 1st April, 2005

Can't you guys remember being new to click? Making one of your first click games and receiving ONLY negative comments is very off putting. And Shaman i'll download and play later and i'll leave a constructive comment ;)
Posted by Shaman King 1st April, 2005

thx jambo, and the hidden game is f***ed up so dont try to get it (its also impossible to get anyways)
Posted by Wicked Studios 1st April, 2005

Jambo is right Shaman King. This game isnt that bad. But you also didnt make it.
Posted by Shaman King 2nd April, 2005

technically, i did
Posted by AndyUK 2nd April, 2005

thats, a bad description. Ive never heard of a game called 1945.
Posted by kreature 2nd April, 2005

The menu was kinda weird, and you should have used more time on making this presentable. However, it does actually play ok, but it won't be able to compete with many other games of this kind out there. It's ok, but you should put more work into it. Don't rush.
Posted by Mark "Skippy" Riches 10th April, 2005

Ummm, it's a game maker game. That says most of it right away. Put some effort into it, don't upload crap like this. It's just asking for flaming.
Posted by Metal Maiden 12th April, 2005

The game is alright, there's no real sense of accomplishment, however. I liked the mulitshots you get a bit into the game. The ship is horribly slow and it's very hard later on to dodge shots. Give some new stages or something. Good lukc with cliking, and try to ignore 90% of the people here :P




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