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Author: Rod F: The Engineer Submitted: 12th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 100

Edited By Rod F: The Engineer on 6/12/2005

Pollin (pronounced 'Poh-Jean' in English) was the first game I made back in 2000 with the Klik and Play engine. I mention this so you bare in mind that you won't be facing a great game like some other stuff you may find but still, it's quite fun to play.
You are Pollin and you must face a hoard of mutant cows that are planing to take over the world. You must go through 10 Episodes; each with different ambientations, 5 levels and a boss. It includes a little tutorial so you can catch up easily on how to play, but not really that complicated.

There's also a secret level 'Episode 0' that if you manage to find it AND pass it you will be rewarded fairly.

Anyways, hope you enjoy it, it's not professional at all (remember: year 2000 using Klik and Play) but it will definetly help you kill some time

- Rod F: The Engineer

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Posted by Nuklear41 13th June, 2005

Posted by Nuklear41 13th June, 2005

I like it thumbs up.
Posted by Luciana 26th June, 2005

Pollin is cute, I pitty him when he is hit... the "chicken agony" sound is good! I like the game!!!!





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