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Author: Michael Toennies Submitted: 22nd June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 148

FREE isometric real-time massive multiplayer Online RPG. 2d/3d graphics, 3d sound effects, digital ambient music. Fast expanding world & community. Thousands of items, spells, monsters, quests... Group playing, guilds and clans. Monster AI and factions. The game play allows great object interaction. You can open every chest or shelf you found somewhere in the game. Torches on the wall can be turned on or off. Items have detailed and complex description and use. The user interface is simple but powerful. The world is infinitve. Maps and quests can be attached at runtime. Development system, server & editor available. Create your own maps, quests and NPC scripts. Playable under Window, Linux and MacOS.

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Posted by Dark (DOE) 22nd June, 2005

Looks nice, I'll download tonight while I sleep and try it out tomorrow...surprising that something of this noticable quality missed the front page..
Posted by Michael Toennies 23rd June, 2005

Well, no idea.. i commited it just normal.
Posted by Galaxy613 23rd June, 2005

Doesn't suprise me one bit not to see this on the front page.
Posted by Galaxy613 23rd June, 2005

Ah I know why, this isn't klik is it? Daily Click and everyone here LOTHES AND HATES anything that is not klik. Or at least 50% of the admins. So sadly you won't get on the front page.
Posted by -Vinny- 23rd June, 2005

umm, CK4R1, it's not that "Daily Click and everyone here LOTHES AND HATES anything that is not klik" but it's that this site is made to support games made by click products, and it's only reasonable that the individual get's recognition for their work, and other games, such as daimonin, have their own support sites/forums and what not plus it's not only that this game won't be featured, but it should not be submitted, BECAUSE it's not a click based game
Posted by Wicked Studios 24th June, 2005

You didnt make this game. I saw it a few years ago made by some official company or something.
Posted by Dark (DOE) 24th June, 2005

Whoa is it was made by another person/company, than this is illegal to upload it anywhere and call it your own, as by uploading it and advertising it like this without due credit to the original creators, and their permission, you could get in big trouble.
Posted by Michael Toennies 24th June, 2005

Uhm... This is my project, hosted as OS by sourceforge and every piece of content & code is commented, archived and public accessable by CVS since 2002. One reason: To counter people who claim its done by them and/or not done by us.
Posted by The Chris Street 25th June, 2005

This game is fine here, I believe that Michael Toennies did in fact create it (initially a couple of years back: You really should get your facts straight before you slander people, master Wicked Studios.
Posted by Dark (DOE) 25th June, 2005

You have my sincere apology, and my GOTW vote...still need to download it though, I'm going to do that right now.
Posted by Wicked Studios 2nd July, 2005

yeah me too. sorry dude i just wasnt sure cuz there are some real assholes on here. its like an asshole airport.... or something
Posted by Jarrod 18th July, 2005

Wow! This was really worth downloading. However, my 56k (more like 44k) connection makes it lag like hell... i still like it either way. :D
Posted by Michael Toennies 22nd July, 2005

Playing by modem (even 28k) is possible but it really depends on your internet provider. Is the line not 100% then you really has a problem - is the line ok, then it is playable. We have some dialup players on the main server. Whatever: Beta 4 will bring a improved socket and will bring in some cases a better connection (not for all - it really depends on alot factors). Remember too: We have ATM no player prediction. Means, the client will not start executing your commands without server response. We will change that too this year but until that you will notice the normal internet latency as "lag".
Posted by HIHI 23rd July, 2005

Posted by baqsss 24th July, 2005

the link not work.
Posted by Michael Toennies 27th July, 2005

you mean the download link? Its the link to the sourceforge download area (sourceforge is the open source organisation Daimonin is hosted & registered at) Sometimes sourceforge is temporary not avaible. No wonder, they host also some of the real big open source projects like edonkey, emule or Dev-C++. They host for example NASA world wind which has a daily download bandwith up to unbelievable 15 terrabyte...! Here is a direct link to the current Beta 3 client directly from our sourceforge website: @HIHI I would suggest you tell them that your friends are the true owners. Sourceforge has exellent lawyers as the too. You know, the world is full of thieves.... good luck.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 17th August, 2005

Looks nice, but I'm sure I've seen those beholders before in a game called Fantasy Realms Unlimited Adventures (really old DOS game). And those torches look familiar too! Anyway, I'm not here to shit on you... it looks quite good and sounds even better. Not the sort of thing I play often but sounds impressive nevertheless.
Posted by Michael Toennies 25th August, 2005

Sure you has seen them. Nearly *ALL* the art of the current 2d client comes from free sites of the net! We even have copyrighted art inside - in every case we have the permission of the author. Some art is from our own artists... Check the artistic licence & credits if you are interested. The beholder are from ironworks - art for dungeon craft. Our player char is from dink smallwood, btw. They have a royal free licence for non commercial use. For the people who like to see the important sources of this kind of art:




Other Creations


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