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The One Level Challenge!!1
Author: Jimmy Pig Submitted: 29th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 74

This game consists of one level and it's harder than any of the Hangy games lmao (maybe that says something?) Yeah I got bored one day and thought "hey, what if i made everything tiny! I could have loads of levels on one screen!!" Two hours later appears this abysmality. Actually i like it, still haven't completed it though. Enjoy (and the prize for completing it is NOT worth it).

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Posted by Airflow 30th June, 2005

If you did that over an area of 9999x9999 that would be cool!
Posted by Cazra 30th June, 2005 It's okay but with TGF's platform movement, you can get stuck a lot.
Posted by Jimmy Pig 30th June, 2005

HAHAHA oh dear... i wont say what but oops!
Posted by -Vinny- 30th June, 2005

ok wait, what is this? do you have any description as to what you actually do in this game? because i have no idea what the hell 'hangy' is :P
Posted by AndyUK 30th June, 2005

another game
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 30th June, 2005

Other Creations: Hangy's Adventure :P
Posted by Sean Kelly 30th June, 2005

This should be on CRAPWARE :P
Posted by DaVince 1st July, 2005

Heh. The concept's not bad, but the game could have been bigger, ya know. Screens can scroll, see. :P The game is too hard, too. :(
Posted by Jimmy Pig 1st July, 2005

haha yes i did it finally, and yes, it is very very crap, but i DONT CARE!
Posted by Bibin 1st July, 2005

It's kinda cool, but the scrolling idea would be great. IN fact, i took the scrolling idea and edited it to make a scrolling version. Gimme email and i'll email it to you. I made a mario edition too.
Posted by Airflow 2nd July, 2005

I agree : It's crap. But the idea's gotta get credit. ;)
Posted by Ecstazy 2nd July, 2005

I thought it's nice.
Posted by kjarom 2nd July, 2005

bibinson, how much spare time do you have???
Posted by kjarom 2nd July, 2005

u know what, how come this game got more downloads than my fun pack??? my fun pack is MUCH better quality and has variety. sorry jimmy pig but uh, if this game is any indication of what you're capable of with tgf, then WOW :(.
Posted by Jimmy Pig 3rd July, 2005

Kjarom, i though you could have told by the "made in 2 hours" comment its not, i think im just too lazy to put time into a game, i can pour out ideas by the bucket load its tranforming those onto thats hard =( i need to be in a game team..
Posted by kjarom 4th July, 2005

actually thats how i am too...i was just pissed cuz i actually developed the ideas in my fun pack >:(
Posted by Bibin 4th July, 2005

"bibinson, how much spare time do you have???" enough time to build an arcade machine. I already did. In fact, the reason tanoojicade and tanooji dash are arcade style is BECAUSE THE ARCADE MACHINE HAS THOSE GAMES IN A MULTIGAME CABINET: TANOOJI 2-IN ONE! IT HAS WORKING COIN OP. I HAVE MUCH FREE TIME, SAD, NO? BUT ENTERTAINING TOO. AND LONG.. AND STUCK CAPS LOCK...
Posted by MisterBull 5th July, 2005

dude... I'm tempted to make a better version of this game.. the crap TGF platform movement makes it too hellish.. I've tried atleast a kazillion times and still couldnt get halfway through this headache!
Posted by Blake Speers 6th July, 2005

I give it thumbs up. There are many problems, and on the whole, the experiment is a bit of a let down, but the game is addictive enough and deviates enough from the standard pattern that it's worth the download. I am not convinced the second-last level is passable--I have never gotten a particular moving platform, the timing is just crazy. Obviously the graphics could be improved, even if you're a graphics clutz like I am. The main creature doesn't even have animations from both sides. Most of the obstacles are very simple, and I'm not fully satisfied with the arrangement of platforms, some seem misaligned. The second level (which is certainly the easiest of them all) has something that kind of looks like a beaver. I don't know what it's supposed to be. That level could be harder, of course. At first the controls seem arbitrary and impossible to master (too much luck involved), but I found just as with my own game, once I got used to them for an extended session, they became as good as anything. I think you could have had more ideas, though the one level idea is cool in itself. Platforms and fire pools only go so far, but again, they are consistantly fun/challenging here. An overall good experiment with some decent gameplay and a nifty theme. 7.5 / 10
Posted by kjarom 6th July, 2005

I think I will make a better version of this game, a scrolling version with a little 320x320 screen and it'll be a custom engine. Then, Jimmy Pig, you will realize the full power of TGF. I'll start on it right away!
Posted by Jimmy Pig 26th September, 2005

and I am still waiting...
Posted by Jimmy Pig 26th September, 2005

Posted by Bibin 28th September, 2005

i know sucks.. but it's still fun tho... so's mine





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