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Monsters Gate
Author: Bear Cub Submitted: 5th August, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 148

Edited By eran1103 on 10/26/2005

Hi everbody.
this is my second game here.
I know it's sounds like a stuped name to my game but I didn't find something better...

ok, after one week it's here, my new game, Monsters Gate.
In this game the player should score a goal to his opponent.
kinda of pong game...
There are 2 modes of the game:
1 player or 2 players.
1 player - you compete against CPU
2 players - very simple - you compete against your friend...

Be careful - addictive game.

There are 10 levels in the game.
Every level has bonuses, obstacle etc...

Have fun ...

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Posted by The Chris Street 7th August, 2005

Better description please.
Posted by Flava 7th August, 2005

What.. the.. hell..
Posted by Bear Cub 8th August, 2005

what's wrong?
Posted by Flava 8th August, 2005

Dunno was just bored I guess.
Posted by Willy C 8th August, 2005

I love pong games!
Posted by AndyUK 8th August, 2005

the description doesn't even say what type of games this is.
Posted by Willy C 8th August, 2005

damn this is addictive. THUMB UP!
Posted by Bear Cub 8th August, 2005

happy you like it and thanx :)
Posted by Ollie 16th August, 2005

The ball gets stuck inside you then shoots off in a random direction too often!
Posted by Bear Cub 17th August, 2005

it's not random - it's according to the arrow keys...
Posted by Blast_Boy 18th August, 2005

yeah i agree the ball movement is wack. but all the same the game is addictive. ive been playing it vs my friends for the last 20 minutes and ive won 19 games in a row
Posted by Bear Cub 21st August, 2005

ok...the ball movement isn't that perfect, but you can handle with this... me too play with my little sister and win 90%... she doesn't leave me! :)
Posted by Blast_Boy 6th September, 2005

man this game is crazy - it has a countless amount of glitches but for some reason they make the game more fun. me and my mates have kind of started a cult following.
Posted by Blast_Boy 7th September, 2005

um when i go into 1 player it when the game starts it just goes into 2 player mode
Posted by Bear Cub 26th October, 2005

fixed :)
Posted by Moonyjacob 19th January, 2006

it's nice i downloaded it because it's so COOL!.





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