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MehPong: Planetarion
Author: RopeDrink Submitted: 9th August, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 155

Edited By RopeDrink on 16/01/2018

A Bat & Ball space-romp that was created via TheGamesFactory in 2005.

- Setup your Bat using a multitude of features, abilities and special attacks that can be purchased through statistic points.
- Six special attacks, all of which can be powered up to three different levels of strength each.
- Weather effects, obstacles and retaliating blocks attempt to hinder your progress.
- Each level can be played through five different difficulty settings.
- Statistics page takes note of your progress through the game, as well as tolling up a rank depending on the levels & difficulty you have played on.

If you like the soundtrack, you can check it out here:

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Posted by Nuklear41 10th August, 2005

This is not retro, this is bat and ball. Here are some pointers on bat and balls.
Posted by 10th August, 2005

:O ... Gotta be on the GOTW poll
Posted by Joshua M. 10th August, 2005

GOTW = Game Of The Week We have a poll like that every week :)
Posted by Pete Nattress 10th August, 2005

Wow... for a first game, wow. Very impressive. Most people here start off making a Breakout clone but I've never seen one this complex from a first-timer. The only thing I can think to say is that you've probably made it a bit too complicated; I can't imagine many people who would be willing to set up so many stats etc just for a Breakout game. What else can I say? The game is graphically consistent, seems solidly programmed, good choice of sound and music. Overall it's probably the best "first game" I've seen here. How long did it take you incidentally?
Posted by colej_uk 10th August, 2005

This is a great first game :) Well done.
Posted by The Chris Street 10th August, 2005

Its not a good idea to take advice from Nuklear and Billybobje, Ropedrink. They are equally inexperienced klikkers.
Posted by DaVince 10th August, 2005

Whoa. Great job, man! You're a natural talent! :)
Posted by Simon Colmer 10th August, 2005

wow, looks amazing for a first timer - downloading! Give yourself a pat on the back dude!
Posted by RopeDrink 10th August, 2005

Well I dont want to rest on my laurels just yet! There's still lots of work that needs to be done on the game. Once I get used to patch maker, I'll upload some more features. I'm considering adding a Win v Level stat pages (much like a league table) which shows Victories & Losses vs Levels and their difficulty. I've so many ideas to put to use that I dont know where to start!
Posted by Simon Colmer 10th August, 2005

haha, well good luck!
Posted by RopeDrink 10th August, 2005

I'm going to need it :)
Posted by Nuklear41 10th August, 2005

Yeh i was just joking up there. But fun game thumbs.....nothing.
Posted by 10th August, 2005

Posted by danjo 10th August, 2005

exactly what i was thinking. first thing to knock off most that filesize is change your colour settings perhaps.......
Posted by ben mercer 11th August, 2005

Try using the picture or active picture object, then loading an external .jpg or .gif at run time (using appdrive$+appdir$+"background.jpg") for the background pics. That way the game would be smaller. Exellent work, it's not often that you see someone in produce something as good looking and as well thought out as this, though yes, it is a little buggy, and it's very rare indeed that you see someone produce a 1st klik game as good as this.
Posted by The Chris Street 11th August, 2005

Hmm.. he says that this game isn't finished... so if he wants a GOTW nominee he should remove that statement ;)
Posted by Cazra 11th August, 2005

Pretty good for a first timer, but it's a bit complicated for just pong.
Posted by Nuklear41 11th August, 2005

It's not pong, it's MEH-PONG!!!! DR. PEPPER FOR EVERYONE!
Posted by The Chris Street 11th August, 2005

Ok, well if you're releasing upgrades in the form of patches, I guess that counts :)
Posted by RopeDrink 12th August, 2005

May I ask one thing of you all. If you thumb up / thumb down / review the game, please give your honest opinions. I'm trying to better the game, but it's useless without everyones help. Thanks.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 13th August, 2005

First game + RopeDrink x Breakout= Awesome.




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