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Megaman X-like engine
Author: ripthor Submitted: 9th August, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 844

Edited By ripthor on 8/10/2005

Edited By ripthor on 8/9/2005

Edited By ripthor on 8/9/2005

This is an engine I've been working on for a few weeks... A year ago. I recently tried to work on it again, but got sick of it very quickly. So I decided to post it on the web instead of scrapping it.

You can use it as much as you want, just give me credits if you do please. An do tell me if you actually make something out of it!

It includes:

-Keyboard or joystick
-Pixel perfect movement
-Jumping and falling (with gravity)
-Dashing (with shadows)
-Wall jumping
-Wall sliding
-Dash-wall jumping
-Jump-through platforms
-Shooting (3 levels)
-Moving platforms

What need to be done:
-Charging animation
-Special weapons(player color, etc...)
-Getting hit
-Better graphics!
-And maybe some music and sounds...

It uses these extensions:
Get them here:

Oh, and the keyboard control are: J/jump - D/dash - S/shoot

Well that's it I guess... No more MMF for me.

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Posted by DaVince 10th August, 2005

"No more MMF for me." :( Anyways, the engine's not bad.
Posted by Nuutti 12th August, 2005

The engine indeed is not bad.
Posted by EleXor 13th August, 2005

There is already a megaman x moving & jumping etc engine by daniel [crazy products] or something like that.
Posted by EleXor 13th August, 2005

What need to be done: -Charging animation --- I never said so. By meaning there is already one, people can look at it and compare things, you sick "wanna be funny" manwhore :P. The point was, the other one has charging, dashing etc what ever. Oh and it's just good thing that there is lots of these engines.
Posted by chrilley 13th August, 2005

One of the best engines I've seen so far. Sad to see a good programmer leave MMF =/
Posted by ripthor 14th August, 2005

I just checked daniel [crazy products]'s engine and, even though it's quite good, I think that the engine is a bit stiff, like the wall jump. Plus, you can't dash-jump, wall-dash-jump or shoot while dashing. Oh, and I noticed that if you shoot while jumping to the left, the wall-slide animation comes out...
Posted by Recho 15th August, 2005

Man, this is amazing ripthor! I have been needing a good engine base for a Megaman/X fangame for atleast 3 months now. Very good quality, very smooth. This also taught me , for the first time, how to make a changeable control interface with more than one button with the joystick object. All I can say left is, 2 thumbs up :D
Posted by eliris 8th December, 2011

Sorry for bumping this but the download doesn't work anymore, can you please reupload? it seems nice!
Posted by ViralHaze 21st June, 2012

Link is broken. Re-upload, please.




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