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One Way Inverse Kinematic Chain Example
Author: mushi-games Submitted: 16th August, 2005 Favourites:0
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Edited By mushi-games on 8/16/2005

Ok, I've never seen anyone do this, or seen any example on how to do it, so I made one myself.
It should be well worth the download .

This shows you how to make a somewhat realistic inverse kinematic chain with any number of links.

Feel free to use, it would be incredible for space-shooter bosses, you could have big arms comprised of many objects (like all those cool bosses in Mega Drive/SNES shooters), and only worry about moving the end piece around. I don't think anyone has really done that in klik before, wich is a shame.

You need the Overlay Redux extension to view the .cca.
You'll also need an understanding of trigonometry.
Its all commented fairly in depth.
Run it in full screen.


P.S Please leave a comment on my site ! I just got the first part of it coded.

For those of you who arn't logged in go to:

Review This Download (15kb )

Posted by Waffles the Pirate 16th August, 2005

i just wanted to post... :|
Posted by hop 16th August, 2005

I downloaded and installed the extention and the cca loaded but when I try to run it I get an error and it doesn't run. Anyone know what that may be?
Posted by mushi-games 16th August, 2005

The error you get is _____?
Posted by Liquixcat 16th August, 2005

Posted by mushi-games 17th August, 2005

Sorry, my host seems to be having some troubles at the moment, It's ussually back up pretty quick. hop, tell us the error you get. If it's an illegal operation, then it's probably not this files fault, I've tested it on several PC's and no one else has got an error.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 17th August, 2005

Wow this is brilliant! This will definatly become quite useful for games, i can imagine some pretty cool boss fights using this. Excellent work, a must look for any game maker!
Posted by Assault Andy 17th August, 2005

This is great, I'm sure it could be developed into a full blown game or a nice movement engine.
Posted by Bricnic 17th August, 2005

hop i seem to get the same sort of error you get. It's just a basic "program error" with the whole windows xp dialog, i could paste the actual error code but I don't know that it would be much help. Maybe it's overlay redux that is crashing?I don't know....
Posted by mushi-games 17th August, 2005

It *may* be your Overlay redux that is screwy, although, I can't see why this would not work on a particular computer, they're pretty standard events. Is there an 'old' version of the overlay redux that I'm not aware of? Try deleting the Overlay Redux, it's only there for show, and without it, there's no extensions.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 17th August, 2005

Nicholas: Try Downloading the latest version of Overlay Redux, its most likely because you have an older version then the one being used in the example.
Posted by Radix 17th August, 2005

The screenshot sure looks neat.
Posted by matty - (pandemonium games) 17th August, 2005

im looks like you've got an infinate loop problem or something, but other people have got it to work so...
Posted by Joshua M. 17th August, 2005

Posted by Jason Orme 17th August, 2005

Don't Steal My Shiny Balls! :D
Posted by hop 17th August, 2005

I know I am using the most up-to-date version of the overlay redux because I downloaded it yesterday from the creator's site. The error message I get is: Edrt has caused an error in . Edrt will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer. Maybe someone knows what Edrt is?
Posted by hop 17th August, 2005

Same thing happens without overlay redux too btw.
Posted by Radix 17th August, 2005

Edrt.exe is application that runs when you play an MMF source. What's the version of your cncs232.dll?
Posted by mushi-games 17th August, 2005

Ok, I re-uploaded it with my cncs232 file (2.5.199, which like everyones' dll, has been over-written about a billion times). My MMF is build 116 demo. I've installed this over older demo's :/ I know... Sorry...
Posted by Nuutti 17th August, 2005

This is really cool! could maybe be useful for some kind of a ragdoll or something.
Posted by mushi-games 17th August, 2005

Ragdoll, well, ragdoll does use kinematics, but its both inverse and forward, and it's combined with very complex angle limiting, force, and collision detection. I don't think MMF could handle it/ or it may not be worth it, youd need an UBER ammount of loops, and the code would be about a billion times longer and more complicated. If I ever attempted that I'd definetly want a proper OO language. For now I'll just stick to my snake and shiny balls...
Posted by Nuutti 17th August, 2005

Well, how ever.
Posted by Tigerworks 17th August, 2005

Great work, I always wanted to see this implemented properly in MMF. It would make a pretty cool extension actually. I might have a shot if I have time... I tweaked the many-links example to have a 1 pixel link distance and I added loads more links. Ran slowly, but you get a really cool hi-res chain. It'd be a lot faster in a C++ extension though. The gravity example needs some work though, it doesn't realistically 'swing' side to side.
Posted by ben mercer 17th August, 2005

Cool, i've made a few stick and string constraints before, but i never actually went and made a whole snake of 'em! I don't think a kinematic ragdoll engine is that called for mmf, just fudge it!
Posted by Waffles the Pirate 17th August, 2005

I know absolutly nothing about the computer except for making a game so can anyone tell me where i can open this file??? :|
Posted by mushi-games 17th August, 2005

Thanks for all the comments dudes :P I hope I can make more examples as good as this for you... Tigerworks, your right, the gravity example was just whacked on the end, purely because it looks cool with basically zero modification, proper gravity needs a lot more thought. And also have you guys tried massively underused chain object by Akane? That extensions already does this and then some, but no one uses it! It's hard to use though :(...
Posted by Nuutti 18th August, 2005

I used to play around with the Akane's chain object... I somewhat figured out how to use it, but unfortunately it has got a bug.
Posted by Jenswa 18th August, 2005

Real fun to see this effect made with a click product.
Posted by RedHades 18th August, 2005

This needs to be an extension
Posted by hop 18th August, 2005

Oh, excellent, I got it to work. I think my cncs32 was out of date.
Posted by RedHades 18th August, 2005

Mushi, I read the comments in the CCN. You talk about not being able to store floats in arrays. But there's a new extension out that does Float-Int conversions and permits to store and retrieve floats in arrays.
Posted by mushi-games 19th August, 2005

Fred, cheers man, I'll look into it. I was thinking it wouldn't be worth doin' anythin' more complicated. But I'll probably work on something better now, thanks.
Posted by Jon Chambers 20th August, 2005

Guys, I can't get mine working. Where can I download overlay.cox for free? There are only two versions, one which costs $10, and one which doesn't work.
Posted by mushi-games 21st August, 2005 free and the exact version I have, it may be your dll, try over-writing yours with mine (back-up though! :)) PM me if that doesn't work and your really keen to get at it.
Posted by RapidFlash 21st August, 2005

I'm the dude that told you about the ATan() function. Nice example, by the way.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 25th December, 2006

no workink link...
Posted by Zethell 25th December, 2006

hmm not working!





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