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Zelda LTTP Engine
Author: Patrick Herlihy Submitted: 17th August, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 445

Edited By Patrick Herlihy on 8/20/2005

Edited By Patrick Herlihy on 8/18/2005

I was going through my hard drive and I found this zelda engine me and a friend made last summer. We were going to make a zelda game for the games factory but got railroaded. Anyways, I hope someone out there finds some use for this engine.

Aug 20: I downloaded the demo version of multimedia fusion and saw what Ben was talking about where link only turns in place. It seemed to be some kind of create object bug in mmf but I fixed it by placing objects outside the screen. I also made it show the debug graphics when pressing 'S' and hide them when pressing 'H'.

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Posted by ben mercer 18th August, 2005

The graphics look good (are they ripped?) all i could get link to do was turn on the spot.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 18th August, 2005

Are they ripped? Gee that's a mystery for the ages
Posted by DeadmanDines 18th August, 2005

[Slaps Ben upside the head] Yep, they ripped boi :) But that's what's so cool about the Zelda style, it's SO easy to make new sprites for! You just get a template of a zelda character and edit it. I think I made a template on my old PC somewhere...
Posted by DaVince 19th August, 2005

Damn Ben, don't you know Zelda 3? You should REALLY play it.
Posted by ben mercer 19th August, 2005

I haven't played much of zelda yet. I've completed orcarina of time on n64 which i thought was great, and majoras mask which i thought sucked totally. Havent really played the 2d ones yet.
Posted by Tauman 20th August, 2005

Sooo...Who wants to help me lynch the infidel?
Posted by Peblo 21st August, 2005

Thats like... gaming blasphemy. I'll help.
Posted by Wicked Studios 21st August, 2005

I love lynching infidels! Yay lynching!




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