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Corvus Island 2 (Abandoned)
Author: cielx Submitted: 8th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 184

Edited By cielx on 9/8/2005

I've decided to give up on this as it's only slightly less buggy than the first game. I'm going to go away and learn custom movement then i'm gunna come back with a wiked platformer! Thought i'd post this just because i really like it and spent ages making it. I'd be grateful for some feedback. Thanks Cielx xx

Shift- Jump
Shift while jumping- double jump
Down arrow while walking- Roll
Ctrl- Spin attack
Ctrl with buddy in contact with you- Launch attack

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Posted by Willy C 8th September, 2005

looks cute, Ill try it
Posted by Willy C 8th September, 2005

hum... a bit buggy, but not bad at all. and I like the gfx's
Posted by cielx 8th September, 2005

Thanks Willy. Im still debating whether or not to carry on with this. Although it uses a crappy engine i've just now made some adjustments and it's starting to pick up a bit. I've now included some more scenary objects and created a mushroom that you can hanglide with. It'd be far too much work to try and incorporate a custom movement engine in there now. Oh well. I might just finish this level and see how that goes.
Posted by Willy C 8th September, 2005

you should just polish the engine up a bit, or maybe start from scratch.
Posted by cielx 8th September, 2005

I think i'm gunna try and sort out the engine its looking a bit better now, what main faults did u find?
Posted by hishnak 8th September, 2005

Hey! this is a lot better cielx. I really think you should finnish this one. If you get a solid movement engine it will be great. One thing I did find was hit an enemy and just disapeared and you can fall out of the screen and stay alive. I had to press alt+f4 to escape.
Posted by AndyUK 8th September, 2005

This looks like it could be one of the best. Nice large levels tons of cutesy colour lots of lovely parralax. It may be worth the effort to start this again using a custom engine.
Posted by hishnak 9th September, 2005

I agree
Posted by DeadmanDines 9th September, 2005

That's amazing, I love it! Buggy yes, but WHY did you abandon it!? Finish it. Go on. I dare ya ;)





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