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Universal Boxing Manager
Author: Jack Norton Submitted: 12th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 62

Create a custom manager by assigning skills in training, negotiation, scouting, and more.
Manage up to 6 boxers in 17 weight categories, selecting from a database of over 1,000 unique boxers! Selectively train your boxer’s stats and then take them to the ring to watch each stunning blow, coaching your boxer between rounds on how to change his tactics and send your opponent to the canvas.
Universal Boxing Manager is available for both Mac and PC; the free demo is available for everyone at
Registration is only US$24.95, and may be handled online from the company's web site.

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 (6500kb )

Posted by Windybeard Games 12th September, 2005

looks good, not gonna download though, $24.95!
Posted by Reno 12th September, 2005

I was going to download it, but I hate demos. You have to have the full thing or no thing at all!
Posted by Ben Schlessman 12th September, 2005

Being that this is the only boxing manager, let alone any kind of sports manager, game that I have played, I have to say it's the best. However, these kinds of games aren't my thing. I'm sure this would be perfect for the boxing enthusiast, as there are plenty of statistics and attributes to keep track of that ultimately affect the outcome of your boxer, and it is all presented very professionaly for the most part. The one thing that I would say that really took away from this sim is that there is no music whatsoever. I might have played it a little bit longer if there was some catchy background tunes. As it is, I think it is definitely worthy of your time. Good stuff.
Posted by Zethell 13th September, 2005

$24.95.. damn, this isnt even worth downloading..
Posted by Radix 13th September, 2005

Twenty five dollars is steep, but at least he's not being a douche like the last guy. That chick is freaking scary though.
Posted by alibaba 14th September, 2005

yeah, those eyes.....
Posted by Manji-Ichi 5th January, 2006

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