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Sonic X 4
Author: Flame EX Submitted: 25th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 91

Edited By Flame EX on 1/15/2009

This is my first released game (TGF 1). The game is the fourth addition to a series I made, but I scrapped the first 3 because they were just my first 3 attempts at making games in TGF 1. This has bugs but it has a storyline and hidden secrets. The storyline continues from the first 3, I'll release a monologue or something.

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Posted by Ski 25th September, 2005

thats one dodgey sonic engine. - he should be able to continue even if he does run into an enemy, his health should just decrease, and also, The actualy level design and engine dont allow him to run free like in the sonic games.
Posted by Noyb 25th September, 2005

It's more like he skips than runs...
Posted by sententia 25th September, 2005

Digital, "his health should decrease"? All sonic games have it so when you run into an enemy you die (unless you have coins...)
Posted by DaVince 26th September, 2005

Does this use the default platform movement? :P
Posted by Ski 26th September, 2005

Hardball, good point there, okay perhaps what i meant was that, the first enemy is too hard to run in to? or atleast to early in the level.
Posted by dndfreak 15th January, 2009
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by coins you mean rings.




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