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Dodge 2
Author: Quagmire4444 Submitted: 3rd October, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 35

Edited By Quagmire4444 on 10/23/2005

This is a sequel I made for the first game I ever finished on MMF.

In this game, you are a big square and you have to dodge little squares. You can set background color, difficulty, and some other misc. options that are kinda fun.

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Posted by Assault Andy 4th October, 2005

Can you please fix the screenshot and spellcheck your description. Yes the download works now.
Posted by Hempuli 4th October, 2005

Posted by vortex2 4th October, 2005

1) The presentation isn't good at all.. 2) Please use a radio for the options and not buttons (or perhaps a custom system using actives) 3) It should save the options you select when you die and go back to the main frame. 4) When you change the background color, the background in the setup frame should change to reflect the new color. 5) You should put some work into graphics and not just use squares (not as intresting to look at). 6) Don't use windows buttons, they are ugly, use graphics instead 7) Needs some sound effects 8) Please make a custom highscore dialog, the built in one doesn't fit ANY game. 9) Add some graphics or something to spice up the highscore screen, it is so plain right now. 10) Perhaps don't even use a solid color background, instead draw a background. Put some more time into this game... We are not in the days of Qbasic OR dos so there is no excuse to use plain squares and solid color backdrops anymore ;).
Posted by vortex2 4th October, 2005

Oh, additionally please don't use an installer! People HATE installers, as do I as I couldn't run this directly from the zip... Now I got to go and delete this.
Posted by Quagmire4444 5th October, 2005

Ok vortex, thanks for the advice, I'm kinda new at using MMF, and you're right, I put this together too fast, I was going to put in some sfx and music but I forgot :). Think I should make another one where I've actually fixed those problems? Also, can someone help me with the screen shot? I don't know how to do it, the link for help didn't work, and my friend told me what to type, and it obviously wasn't right...
Posted by Liquixcat 5th October, 2005

Don't post a NEW updated game, just edit this one and replace the download link to the new one. Multiple games that are the same being submitted back to back pisses admins off, I think, well it pisses me off. No installers either.
Posted by izac 5th October, 2005

new to mmf, eh? WELL THAT MAKES ME VERY! happy to welcome you to mmf:)




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