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PackoPong II
Author: Packo Submitted: 16th October, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 34

Edited By Packo on 10/24/2005

PackoPong II is not a normal Pong game. So you can play until your opponent has nor more energy.

The ball is getting faster from Level to Level.

In the title screen, you can choose between different game modes:
Story mode: here you will play 9 Levels, it gets harder

Arcade mode: Here you can choose the player 1 and CPU Game Board, and the Area.

Survival mode: In this game Mode, you can choose your game board, but the area and the opponents were generated at random. You can play so long you have energy.

VS. mode: Here you can play against a another human opponent. Each human can choose a playing board, and you can select the area.

1 player classic mode: Here you can choose nothing, you have one playing board, and the area is a classic style area.

2 player classic mode: it is the same as 1 player classic mode, except you can play versus.

The backgrounds are pictures from Japan.

This game is for 1 and 2 players, included 9 Levels.

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Posted by Fragasnap 16th October, 2005

Gah! The music’s 5 seconds long! But the A.I. is relatively good, except when the ball would serve itself over to him and he'd miss it, twice! Plus the gameplay was pretty slow other then classic, and by the way, where’s PackoPong 1?
Posted by Packo 17th October, 2005

PackoPong 1 is not so good as PackoPong 2, because PackoPong 1 was my first project. But I get more requests, I will post it.
Posted by The Chris Street 17th October, 2005

That title sounds racist to me.
Posted by Windybeard Games 17th October, 2005

Is it built in ball movement? If yes (i wont express my opinion!) If no ill download :)
Posted by DaVince 17th October, 2005

What's with the small screenshots? :P
Posted by wario 17th October, 2005

this site hardly gets good games now that school started
Posted by DaVince 18th October, 2005

It hardly got good games in vacation, too. :P
Posted by axel 18th October, 2005

"this site hardly gets good games now that school started" It's quite the opposite for me. In vacation time i can't get anything done because i'm always everywhere else than at home, or else i have other things to do... c'mon, summer, you know. :P But now school's started, i hardly ever do any homework anyway, so i have more time @_@
Posted by The Chris Street 19th October, 2005

I'm not saying it is racist, but my mind was set on deleting this before I actually bothered to read it, thanks to the name.
Posted by DaVince 21st October, 2005

@Aggge: I don't have anything to do here in holidays, so it's the opposite for me again. :)
Posted by Packo 25th October, 2005

i have added new and larger pics of the game




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