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The Adventures of Kar-Man
Author: richy486 Submitted: 5th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 183

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The Adventures of Kar-Man was a platformer made in Klik n Play that used the character Kar-Man that i use to draw all the time in school. I liked the idea of simple platformers and decided to make something fun and silly. You controll Kar-Man through various stages of the game collecting jugs of big M, Maxx comics and Nirvana cds and dodge evil Camels, Frankensteins and flying horses among other things. The puzzles in the levels are made up of jumping over things and quickly doging bad guys. The goal of each level is to collect the sheep at the end which takes you to the next stage. At the end of each Level you are greeted by a picture of me that I took while I was making this game. The picture of Karman, and some of the items where drawn by me, the Bungee logo was probably made by Greg. But apart from that all the graphics where from Kilk n Play, and sounds where taken from Quake if i remember correctly.

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Posted by Georgie 6th June, 2002

I'm not really going to do much with this game until you make it so you can get out of the water once you land in it. And also make it so that you only get hit ONCE when you run into an enemy because when you lose all 6 lives from jumpin on the first badguy you become discruraged.
Posted by richy486 6th June, 2002

Can't you just jump out of the water? but the bad guys was a problem, I made this game a few yers ago and I didn't know how to fix it. maybe i could have a counter so your invincable for a few seconds when you get hit?





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