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Fish Bowl
Author: Fragasnap Submitted: 28th October, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 63

Edited By Fragasnap on 11/6/2009

In Fish Bowl, (looks more like a jar though), you have $10 and must buy, care for, and breed fish.
You must clean the jar, feed your fish and all of that stuff.
It's actually a LOT more interesting then it sounds, and I think I've fixed the previous glitch in which your fish would swim out of the bowl. Even if it does happen though, I made it so they'll reappear in the bowl unharmed.
I also updated it so the cleaner fish is a little less independant. I ALSO fixed it, so that the sellector doesn't trade around or get left at the bottom of the screen.

Instuctions: (Also included in the game, but if you're on dial-up you can read it while it downloads)
Control Panel:
Remaining Fish Food
If the jar is empty, you can't feed your fish!
Buy Fish Food
If you're out of fish food, click this button to buy more. (Costs $1)
Feed Fish
This button feeds your fish. (Requires Fish Food)
Emergency Feed
If you have a fish selected, this will decease their hunger all the way. (Requires Fish Food)
If you have a fish selected, this will increase their health all the way. (Cost $1)
Clean Algea
This cleans up algea. (Can also be done with a left-click of the mouse!)
Clean Poo
This cleans up fish poo. (Can also be done with a left-click of the mouse!)
This cleans out a dead fish. (Can also be done with a left-click of the mouse!)
Pregnancy Pill
This drops a pregnancy pill into the water.
Sell Fish
If you have a fish selected, this will sell the fish.
Unselect Fish
This unselects a fish. (Can also be done with a right-click of the mouse!)

Click on something to buy it!
Selected Fish Info
If you have a fish selected, this will show you it's stats.
Sell Fish Bowl
This button ends the game!

Elements of the game
The key element of the game, left-click a fish to see how it's doing.
This makes fish sick if they hit it!
Fish Poo
This makes fish sick if there's too much of it!
Dead fish
Fish Food
Makes fish less hungry!
Pregnancy Pill
Makes fish have babies!

Decorations and music!

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Posted by Ski 28th October, 2005

I started making a virtual fish tank last year. gave up, but may finish it. It involves stacking Living rock, corals etc, then adding the fish to make the perfect reef-aquarium.
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 28th October, 2005

Sounds like a good idea, hope you do it. :)
Posted by Cecilectomy 28th October, 2005

thats actually pretty cool. could use some better graphics though. and theres a few tiny bugs. the fish goes to the bottom and when he does he gets put to the center of the bowl. and the little yellow selector thingy just stays at the bottom and you have to right click a bunch of times.
Posted by Windybeard Games 28th October, 2005

sounds like fun.
Posted by Aptennap 29th October, 2005

insaqaurium from popcap?
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 29th October, 2005

I thought it was quite the same as that at first, but no, Sim Fish 2 inspired this game.
Posted by kjarom 29th October, 2005

hmm...seems kinda weird that kitty's game quality improved by like %400 in about a month...somethings fishy about this, kitty! who helped u make this?
Posted by Fragasnap 29th October, 2005

@techno_games: I've never heard of it, but Moler is right, a bad klick game I found on the web called 'Sim Fish 2' inspired this, it was SO bad, I had to make better. @kjarom: Um, I made this...
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 30th October, 2005

Oh yeah......I love the new background and stuff.
Posted by Teapot 1st November, 2005

The name reminded me of how some clicker was gonna make some bvitalize movies about a guy and his fish... does anyone know what happened about that?
Posted by kjarom 1st November, 2005

Oh ok. Haha I don't know where I got the idea that kitty made it...
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 1st November, 2005

Kitty couldnt make something THIS good.
Posted by 2nd November, 2005

Moler stop bashing me Oh yea you couldent eather
Posted by DaVince 3rd November, 2005

What about stopping bashing each other?
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 3rd November, 2005

I could make something almost as good.
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 9th November, 2005

Each other sounds good, thanks for the advice DaVince. I'll make sure Kitty gets that!





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