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Author: Daniel [JaDGames] Submitted: 2nd December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 80

Edited By Daniel [JaDGames] on 12/9/2008

This is a simple game that i made in about an hour. You control a spaceship and try to get as much points as possible by avoiding to get hit by astroids. You also have 3 bombs that destroys all astroids on the screen which you use by pressing button1. Dont forget that you can change the controls by pressing ctrl+Y.
And if your wondering, my score is 2109.

EDIT: Fixed download and image links

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Posted by wario 3rd December, 2005

OK game.
Posted by Daniel [JaDGames] 3rd December, 2005

by the way, what does OK mean, thumbs up or thumbs down?
Posted by Daniel [JaDGames] 4th December, 2005

The link should work now.
Posted by Daniel [JaDGames] 5th December, 2005

You mean they dont do much. Or are they not working?
Posted by wario 6th December, 2005

Its fun for awhile.
Posted by wario 6th December, 2005

And yes, Thumbs up.
Posted by Daniel [JaDGames] 7th December, 2005

Posted by Jakob37 8th December, 2005

What´s your best score? Mine is 873.
Posted by Daniel [JaDGames] 8th December, 2005

I know you dont have much use of the bombs, but your only supposed to use them when you think your going to be hit by an astroid.
Posted by Daniel [JaDGames] 8th December, 2005

If you say so....
Posted by Jakob37 9th December, 2005

If you use your bombs properly you can easely increase your score with 200-300.
Posted by Airflow 15th December, 2005

Posted by Jakob37 16th December, 2005

If you press firebutton1 (shift) all the stones at the screen is destroyed.
Posted by Daniel [JaDGames] 16th December, 2005

Jakob, this is my game and I am the one who is supposed to explain things....As he said you can use the bombs by pressing firebutton1, but you can also change that button by pressing ctrl+Y which I wrote at the top of the page.
Posted by Jakob37 17th December, 2005

Haahaa, do you want to help them all yourself?
Posted by Daniel [JaDGames] 17th December, 2005

Yes Jakob, I want to help them by myself.




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