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Author: Jonas (Peasants) Submitted: 7th December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 105

Edited By Jonas I on 12/8/2005

This is a platformgame about a nacklace with feet
which kick the shit out of swanlooking creatues.
I remember the admins treating me very well
for my past game, I give you my thanks and hope
as many as possible thinks this game is somewhat

I'm very sad that this got abandoned, it's probably the best game I've ever done, and please keep in mind that I'm still just a beginner. At least there are 8 fully (hopefully...) playable levels which gets bigger and bigger.

The controls:
Arrow keys = Move
Shift = Jump
Ctrl = Kick

I can't find anything more to say, if you want to know anything more... Please ask. See ya. / Jonas

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Posted by Assault Andy 7th December, 2005

Can you please fix the screenshots? Only some of them seem to work, and only when I click on them.
Posted by wario 9th December, 2005

Good game.
Posted by Andrew Barontini 11th December, 2005

Wow, that seemed pretty cool. I like how the necklace says "YAH!" everytime he kicks. The only problem I had was if I kicked twice in a row then i would be frozn in place.
Posted by Hempuli 13th December, 2005

Jonny, wheres your avatar?
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 13th December, 2005

Hey, thanks everyone!




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